By pancakessdsjsn - 27/09/2013 06:04 - United States - Lake Forest

Today, while cleaning tables at the fast food place where I work, I had to remove two human teeth from a table top. FML
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He acci'dental'ly left them there.

One time when I was at McDonalds with my family, my dad found a tooth in his hamburger. One of the grossest things ever.


One time when I was at McDonalds with my family, my dad found a tooth in his hamburger. One of the grossest things ever.

A friend of mine found a live inch worm in one of his French fries at Burger King. To say the least we don't eat there anymore.

there was a bobby pin cooked into my patty at Burger King once & a dead wasp/fly inside my burger at Wendy's

I found a piece of nail (the metal ones) in my school lunch. It cut the inside of my mouth a little so I went and told the teacher what happened, she did nothing. Safe to say I never ate there again.

I found a fly and a plastic bottle ring in my slushy at donut king

#19 safe to say you would never find that at the Donut King I work at, just a smartass attitude from me that keeps the customers coming back an hour before we even open haha

While we're sharing shocking fast-food stories: once they forgot the second patty in my double quarter pounder.

Yeah I can't eat at Whataburger anymore, because I was eating there with a friend. When she pulled an entire finger nail out of her chicken finger.

I had someones deep fried chewing gum in my fries from McDonalds. The worst part was I didn't know until after I had put it in my mouth.

I found a feather in my subway sandwich once.

Hey 50, that's how you know the chicken is really fresh.

I found a band-aid in the bottom of an iced coffee I bought at Coffee Bean once. Never went there again.

and after reading all of your fast food stories with live bugs, dead bugs, nails, human teeth, etc. I'm officially done with fast food!

#42, How do you know it wasn't the chickens? Har har har

when I was boarding school I always used to find nails/hair and once even an earring in my food

One time I was eating a hot dig and I found a tooth in it and I spat it out and kept eating because it tasted damn good and besides if you think about where a hot dog comes from it's really not too bad in comparison.

I found a humans head in my mcdouble

All of these food stories are making me cringe... ;_;

One time my dad found an onion ring in his blueberry pancakes at IHOP. But hey, It's expensive anyways...

He acci'dental'ly left them there.

That was...actually pretty good.

At first I was like wtf is wrong with him and the quotes but then I got it

I thought #2 was trying to mimic a lisp that people with chipped/missing front teeth have... And then I realized.

Put them under your pillow and consider it a tip..

That's what I was thinking! The Tooth Fairy is coming tonight!


I guess the bread was a too hard

No, it was the steak. The chef doesn't know the difference between well done and burnt.

Ew, who eats well done steak??

Someone's had a rough night

Someone take some vigilante justice on the Hamburglar?

I want to play a fame.

That moment when even jigsaw doesn't know how to spell game...

Just tested my auto correct. It failed.

What kind of game?

16 good recovery. 15 that name with that picture is genius. Well done sirs.

#17- have you never seen the Saw movies? just look at his pic... geez, some people...

Gross...they need to see a dentist quick...or never eat at your fast food joint again...but still what can I say fast food is great...

I'm not telling you to take them to put under your pillow for the tooth fairy. But yeaaaaaaa, who doesn't like money?

Well that's different.