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  BrockALee  |  14

I found a piece of nail (the metal ones) in my school lunch. It cut the inside of my mouth a little so I went and told the teacher what happened, she did nothing. Safe to say I never ate there again.

  strapper88  |  6

#19 safe to say you would never find that at the Donut King I work at, just a smartass attitude from me that keeps the customers coming back an hour before we even open haha

  tukies  |  28

Yeah I can't eat at Whataburger anymore, because I was eating there with a friend. When she pulled an entire finger nail out of her chicken finger.

  iSmellMusic  |  8

One time I was eating a hot dig and I found a tooth in it and I spat it out and kept eating because it tasted damn good and besides if you think about where a hot dog comes from it's really not too bad in comparison.