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Today, while cleaning out my garage, I found a pregnant spider. I couldn't step on the spider without releasing the baby spiders, so I went inside to get a glass jar to trap it. While trying to relocate the spider, I accidentally stepped on it. I now have a bunch of baby spiders roaming around. FML
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  Mehness  |  0

9 - Not sure whether it's a minority or majority, but some lay eggs, and some lay eggs in a pouch for their young
to travel along with them.

  Mister_Grinch  |  0

Am I missing something here because as far as I know, Spiders aren't squishable toys where the cotton just magically comes out. Baby spiders weren't already born inside of her ready to pop out like donut cream at any given time.

Also, don't spiders lay eggs? I have a feeling that this is a troll fml.

  threer  |  30

Me too. Spiders are awesome!

  threer  |  30

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