By isuckatlife - United States
  Today, while changing my tampon in the stall of my high school's bathroom, I lost control of the plastic applicator. The blood-covered apparatus shot out like a rocket underneath the stall door. For a moment I thought no one noticed, then the screaming began. FML
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  blankaex  |  0

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  SayPeanuts  |  29

I'm a girl and I never screamed like that; I never saw the point. I always get a bit weirded out when girls start screaming...I just want to tell them to chill.

By  Kat_MS  |  0

Lol really, screaming? Considering its the -girls- bathroom you'd expect the other girls to be a bit more mature/understanding about it. Bad luck with the slip though. Should've knocked on the stalls asking for your tampon applicator back :P

By  Sunsh1ne  |  0

That sucks, but screaming? Seriously? In high school? See, this is what abstainence-only sex ed does, a little bit of blood and everyone freaks out. Of course, you could always switch to applicator free, see how the react to bloody hands.