By magicman - 26/04/2011 04:45 - Canada

Today, while buying groceries, I noticed that the lady in front of me had left a box behind. I grabbed the box and ran out the door after her. After turning around to find three employees chasing me, I noticed I had just stolen the donation box. FML
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Beebow_fml 5

Goodluck trying to explain that.

Why does that look oh so funny in my mind? Fuhohohoho!~


Beebow_fml 5

Goodluck trying to explain that.

That must have been really awkward coming back aha!

MeowingKat 0

Wow, you're an idiot. Never assume things, OP.

"Assumptions are the mother of all fuckups"

that quote slots nicely into so many fmls.

BellaGoBoom 6

You are an ass and the ump will shun you. I love that show<3

This is one of the best FMLs I've read in a long time

"I was umm... hand delivering it to the orphanage. yea, that's it! you gonna waste the gas that could pay for all those hungry mouths? that's right! EVERY time you deliver some money, children um die. ok cya"

I would hate to be you.

comooon just admit it!!

that's what I was thinking. maybe he took it, realized he was caught and his brain just told itself a little lie, now OP is just saying this on FML to reassure himself of this lie to himself so he would believe himself about himself lying to himself.

Cjeezy 0

you didn't say "himself" enough

Ztrain23 0

diabian u are not funny at all and you post the dumbest comments ever. u should chop Ur nuts off and jump in a fire.


ashlovesszack 0

I love you zack!

78- i am allergic to nuts, and I don't like fire.

Ztrain23 0


WTF are you talking about

somebody got their comment moderated now it looks like I lolled at the wrong guy.

Why does that look oh so funny in my mind? Fuhohohoho!~

Cause it's hilarious!

Poor African kids....

pandas Nuff said

yougotapes 7

lol love pandas!!!

Couldn't you see that it had "donation" or something written on the box?

clearly not, if you read the FML you will notice she didn't realise till she left the store with people chasing her.

At least you weren't in an airport. Lol.

Hahahaha put your shirt on mate!

brycereid 0

please put it back on

ceinaworus 0

haha, my abs are waaay better than his.

Cjeezy 0

he has to have abs for yours to be better than them ha.

I have a feeling the donation box was the Please Feed Dcshoejake Fund.

#6, I have some old shirts I'm willing to give away to poor and needy if you need one.

Not even a 6 pack on the poor bonerack

you_failed 15

That must have been pretty humiliating but you were trying to help! FYL!

NoWaitNotNow 0

Perhaps OP has never gone shopping before. OP is probably trying out new things. This includes stealing donation boxes "unintentionally."

robc32ca 4

yeah, run with that story

LadyNutella11 0

LOL nice one OP!