By bigdaddy - / Friday 25 September 2009 15:01 / United States
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question.....why us ur dogs toothbush ...in the same place as yours ? his should be under the sink or something ....yu deserved that one srry


ooo i got one... it's not cheating if you cover your balls with peanut butter and have your dog lick it off. you get it?? because it's YOUR dog!! Road trip reference anyone?? and yea, dogs do have less bacteria in their mouths, so while the idea of it's pretty gross, it's not the worst thing in the world.


You do realize that dogs eat their own poop on occasion, right? There is no way that a creature that eats poop has a cleaner mouth than a creature that doesn't.

Bahhahahahahahaha :p that freakin' hilarious. But you should really separarte peoples toothbrushes from the pet's toothbrush. But fyl.


I am guessing that the kid has been taking his father's toothbrush and using it to brush the dogs teeth.

Maybe if you stepped up and took responsibility for your dog's well being, you would know which one is their toothbrush!

Poor dog. Generally speaking, a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's, except in the moments following those times when a dog eats shit, licks its balls or ass or another dog's ass. At those times, their mouths are much dirtier. You've probably got a little bit of Sammy's balls in your mouth.

Don't pretend you don't let the dog give you kisses on your mouth. Anyway, the purpose of toothpaste is to eliminate germs. So unless you don't use any (in which you'd have problems beyond brushing behind the dog), you shouldn't really care.

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