By anyone - 02/09/2010 04:48 - Lebanon

Today, while browsing facebook I found out that today was my school's class reunion. I was the ONLY one not invited. FML
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I'm disappointed by the extremely hurtful comments posted here about the OP. Have none of you been lonely before? Do you not know what empathy means? Not every unpopular person is a mean-hearted Scrooge; some are very nice but lack the social skills necessary to make friends.

That's a lie. OP is for Oriental Penis.


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i agree with 1

maybe they forgot you or u werent in the school records

how did nobody reply to ones comment in 6 hrs? most people do in 6 min???

wow that sucks

aw, that sucks ...

Maybe your significant other, assuming you have one, is embarrassed of you and promptly destroyed the invitation upon receiving it to save himself. Or you're just a loser.

maybe no one really liked you in high school :)

Wow. Not only does your entire hs class hate you but so does the reunion service most schools use to organize their reunions. Sucks to be you. YDI

your parents are stupid

most of the time even losers show up #1 so thats not it. he/shes probably a douchebag/bitch.

YDI for a) being a loser b) being a douche bag c) being annoying or d) all of the above

Or an asshole, that was mean to everyone but liked to play the role of 'loser with no friends, and a bad home life' so they never got caught.


hahahha sukker congrats on first though xD I just got first too :D

hey man wth happened to our firsts?!?! 

:O 

I think they get deleted for saying first or even second or third.

okay lemme try again. hasn't there already been an FML like this? anyways OP sucks for you.

let me explain something to you idiot. things happen more than once... so maybe that's why uve seen it more than once... duh

I sincerely doubt you were the ONLY one nit invited. Unless you had a graduating class of like 30, you probably didn't go through and count every person who was invited. YDI for exaggerating.

not* iPhone keyboard fail.

Agreed. OP likely forgot someone too, and therefore wrongly assumed he was the sole exclusion.

The op is obviously lame, stop making excuses for him.

YDI for being a loser in high school. YDI for actually wanting to go. YDI for not checking your Facebook YDI for not having any friends in high school

don't be such a twat.

Orginal Poster.

That's a lie. OP is for Oriental Penis.

17 has got it right :P

lol that's closer to what I was thinking at first

17...WTFH was that? You being racist? OP sucks for you

28 learn to take a joke, you must be insecure Mr. B:D

No, 17 it's for Orangutang Poop, at least that's what I was told...

Nobody just "browses" facebook. Just admit that you were trying to find other people to friend you so that you can finally hit double figures on your friends list.

at 14 nice one XD that actually made me laugh

You're both assholes