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Today, while babysitting a young girl, I put on the movie Bambi, as she told me it was her favorite movie. I didn't know that her parents always skipped the scene where Bambi's mom dies. Despite my attempts to comfort her, she was still upset when her parents returned. Her mom blamed me. FML
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  Steve97  |  32

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  Badkarma4u  |  17

I agree, protecting a child from a children's movie seems a bit over the top. Yes Bambi had a sad part, thats the whole point. You're supposed to feel sad, not over the top crazy about it. How parents handle it will determine how the child handles it. My parents were like, " It's not real, son, animals don't talk. " I was like "Ok" and move on. Now Old Yeller scared the crap out of me, because I learned pigs were not cute and cuddly and boar really can rip you up pretty good.


I half agree with you, 23. I do think the parents were being over protective, but you can't really blame a younger child for being emotional over the idea of death. Especially if it's their first time being exposed to it.

By  mssileas  |  25

Don't feel bad about it, she's going to be fine. If it makes you feel better, I tried entertaining my 5yo step-son with a kids-friendly documentary about life at the zoo. We had an interesting dinner conversation about the elephant who gave birth in HD video quality.

  jocamo  |  24

That reminds me of the time I was babysitting my friends little girl. I left her watching some kids show while I went to the bathroom. I come back to her watching a segment about sheep giving birth and the words "oh the poor baby! the mommy pooped it!"

By  tika12991  |  15

I never understand parents who try to shield their kids from this sort of thing. Like, sure, it sucks to see your kid upset, but isn't it better to teach them young about the cycle of life, so that they learn it's a natural thing? Anyway, FYL OP.


When I was growing up, me and the neighbor boy would always play together and ours moms would switch off on watching us after kindergarten and stuff. Well one day, my mom put on the little mermaid for us because it was too cold to play outside, my favorite disney movie growing up. He was all excited to see it and acted like he had never even seen a disney movie. Well...apparently he never had seen one, he had never been able to watch tv in general unless it was the news (keep in mind we were only 4 or 5)! Later that night his mom called my mom and had to lecture her about how her kids can't watch tv, especially disney movies because they teach "inappropriate" lessons, but yet they are allowed to read Harry Potter, to say the least, I only ever saw him at school after that, and literally all they were allowed to do for fun was read...