By Michele - / Monday 18 January 2010 00:32 / United States
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  David199619  |  6

Cool kid. I love my girlfriends tits. I get them when I want them.

By  krnmafia92  |  0

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  FR35H  |  0

Hahaha thats so wrong lmao!

By  hotpinklovee  |  0

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  hotpinklovee  |  0

I never said that it wasn't an "actual erection". But little boys get hard when they have to pee. It's still an erection, just not an erection of a sexual nature. Do you really think a 6 year old has the mental capacity to relate boobs to sex? I think not.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Yes, they do. Little boys of ANY age can get sexual stimulation, particularly when they reach the age where they can crush. Like.. six? It has been shown that even little boys masturbate, even if they don't know what it is. It causes them pleasure.

  _strawberry99  |  0

i think yes, ive experienced it, except he was 7. and was talking about come here baby and actually trying to force me to but i ran... so its deffinetly possible.

  My2864  |  1

yes they do lil kids see more then parents know... maybe he saw a scene in a porn movie wich turned him on maybe thats the reason he wanted to see her tits...


4 - ummm, there's a difference between a two year old & six year old. I have a 13 month old & the only time he has an erection when I'm changing him is right when he wakes up. Baby boners are normal. Not toddlers. And you're telling people to get used to it? Are you a mom? NO! So shut the fuck up.

  DragonPorn  |  15

What's funny is that you are all incorrect. I got erections (sexual) as a toddler and pre-schooler (2-6) from looking at tits myself. I would grab my mom's Victoria Secret magazine and flip pages and stare at tits. It's natural sexual desire. You may not understand the word or meaning at that age, but it's still there just like anyone else. So stop fucking saying it's "pee-time".

By  sizar  |  1

not interesting.


haha it's on again what a cool kid I'm gonna steal his material

By  flgirlwguitar  |  2

Eeeewwww. How does the kid know THAT much about sex?

  PaulWeller  |  0

Kids at that age want to sexually experiment, but it's socially unacceptable. I remember trying to get my babysitter to show me her tits all the time. It's not "early sexualization by the media", it's completely natural. The only unnatural thing about it is that our society represses it.


I went to my mom's friend's house a few years ago and her 6 (at the time) year old repeatedly asked me to take off my shirt. It's totally normal. They're curious. Boobs and crotches are the only things always covered up, so they want to see.

  idkweird  |  0

Sorry, but most people would be uncomfortable in that situation, when it's not their child. It's completely natural for that to be akward. If I was the girl, I'd let the parents know. It's inappropriate, and they need to teach him that.

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