By spooked - 22/11/2013 06:20 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, while babysitting a girl, I told her to be quiet so she wouldn't wake her little brother. In reply, she told me that she would kill me, wake her brother up to show him my dead body, then draw all over my face. I'm stuck with her for another two hours. FML
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Why are kids on FML so damn insane?!

they just say stuff like that to see your reaction. make sure to answer her truthfully. tell her it's hurtful and upsetting to be told that. she just needs to learn.


they just say stuff like that to see your reaction. make sure to answer her truthfully. tell her it's hurtful and upsetting to be told that. she just needs to learn.

or, the truthful answer to tell her is simply "Not if I kill you first." said while giving the death glare.

Thats always an option. Or tell them "Not if I kill myself first" then go get some ketchup and a big knife, paint your face and take a short nap on the floor. Cue childhood trauma.

I hope she was kidding.

Yeah because children are rational and listen to reason... I doubt if OP said this that she would turn around and suddenly be all apologetic and nice.

I didn't say they should start to reason but to tell them straight that saying things like that upsets other people. It's not about the logic, it's learning to emphasize.

Er, no. The kid said that because she just watched Regular Show. I know, I saw the same episode.

Actually according to most psychologists, depending on the age of the child. They don't always realize that what they say or do affects other people. The only way to show the child what they did wrong is to discipline them. Either by timeout out, call the mother, or something of that sort.

#1 are you one of those people that sends kids to their rooms or gives them time outs if they've done something wrong? "No Johnny. Now you go sit in the corner and think about what you have done!". I say kick their ass, tell them why they're getting it and let them think before talking again. Stop nannying them IMO.

#94 And then get reported for child abuse.

95 - I got disciplined when I was younger. I turned out alright. The occasional smack is fine.

Why are kids on FML so damn insane?!

Because nice sane kids don't say things that leave people feeling like their lives are f'd

Today, the kid I babysit came up to me and gave me a hug and said "I love you", FML. Doesn't really work, does it?

Not every kid grows up to be a CEO, some kids grow up to be #56623816.

Maybe this was the same little girl that couldn't stop laughing when she was covered in pigeon blood.

40- What the actual fuck is wrong with children these days? This is why I don't want kids.

Reminds me of the FML where the parents casually mentioned the daughter believes she gets posessed.

LMAOO I remember that!! Had me rollin

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tell her to bring it on, and prepare for a battle for the ages.

Call her bluff. I would say make your own idle threat but the brat will most likely tellher parents..

Did you call a preist?

Nah, the church ran out of "preists" , they were too busy dealing with "satin"

Kill them.

Yeah, that's a sign of a normal, healthy upbringing. May I recommend obviously not sitting for them again? ;p

Or maybe calling CPS. O.o

Wow! Kids are weird. They pick up things from TV and movies, even when their parents don't realize they're watching/listening. It's sad that every time a kid has any kind of "abnormal" behavior, someone wants them taken from their parents. Not everyone parents the way you want. Letting a kid watch a crime drama or action movie isn't abuse.

To be fair, "abnormal" and "I will kill you and show my brother the dead body" aren't really on the same level.

CPS? The kid seem capable of self preservation. OP is the one that needs the protection.

She said something she probably worked out after seeing similar threats in movies or on TV. It's still not reason enough to take her away from her parents.

Oh dear, if only she was just a small child then you would know that you have literally nothing to be worried about. Oh, wait.

I don't know...... I've heard plenty of stories about kids killing people.