By Anonymous - 14/03/2010 05:46 - United States

Today, while at work, I was told by a man who had literally just gotten back from his mothers funeral to cheer up, I was depressing him. FML
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Just imagine how depressing YOU must have looked to make that man feel he was happy in comparison.


Just imagine how depressing YOU must have looked to make that man feel he was happy in comparison.

Wow, OP...would you like a side of EPIC with that FAIL?

How is this an FML again? Because you are too depressing?

Who goes back to work after attending their mother's funeral? Maybe he wasn't all that upset and OP had a valid reason for looking so glum. Whatever your issues, suck it up while you're at work.

yeh but then how would she know about the funeral?

Unless the OP was putting a puppy through a meat grinder while listening to the blues and wearing a Detroit Lions jersey, I don't see how this is possible.

do you work as a stripper or something? why would he go to where you work to get cheered up?

I think he took the whole thing well. maybe he was a christan and knew where seh was going.

oh shut up, jpest.

Op seriouse? To then come on here and post it you must be depressed

I know I just did Hahahahahahahaha =D

this made me lol. definite win.

I ran a train on ur mom

omfg 27 so much win

trains give me a stiffy ;)

Yay for trains

YDI for being in the kitchen

explain how that was implying being sexist

TOOOOT moderatormoderatormoderator TOOOT TOOOOOOOT...

Wow, you must have murderd a family of starving children to be that sad. I pity you.

Let me guess, you work part time in retail/a grocery store/a restaurant and that man was a customer? As part of the service industry, it is your sworn duty to be the customer's daily ray of mother effing sunshine. Trust me, I would know. *eye roll* Don't you hate when people act like that? You should perfect the glassed over eyes, slightly upturned lips look for next time.