By Oddity_C - 25/11/2009 01:00 - United States

Today, while at work, I was picking up paper in the bathroom. In one stall I saw what I thought was a wadded piece of the brown paper to dry your hands. It wasn't until I realized it was sticking to my bare hand that I realized it was feces. Human feces. FML
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YDI for not wearing gloves while cleaning a BATHROOM!!! nasty.

I'm sorry... but how could human faces look like a piece of paper?


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well the holidays are coming up. i guess mr hanky decided to come out a bit earlier this year.

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mr hanky the Christmas poo, small and round and he comes from you! sit on the toilet here he comes, squeezed between your festive bums. a present from down below, spreading joy with a howdy ho! okay... I can't remember the rest of it... fml for knowing that song. and OP, that is horrible, as you're cleaning shouldn't you wear gloves? but eww, just ew!

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I'm sure you've seen worse (if you do work in Maintenance). But YDI for thinking it was an innocent piece of tissue (if ever that does exist). You found it in the bathroom, for chrissakes! Besides, why would you pick it up? You should've swept it away, as some maintenance people do.

I'm also a bit fazed by the emphasis put on “human”…what kind of work does the OP do to be analysing this kind of detail? Also, how did (s)he guess in that case?

Perhaps she works as a crapologist, and was expecting to discover a new type of poop not yet seen by human eyes. And instead she found what Oscar D Poosworthy created back in 1942. Of course in those days it wasn't called crap because of the war, it was called Liberty Chocolate, and was a major part of the diet for most people in the Allied nations. Rationing meant that people were only allowed one steaming brown log each, and unfortunately chunks of corn counted as luxury items. During the sixties, shit (as the free thinking hippies of the day called it) was often used to paint the insides of middle aged people's houses, or as a substitute for mud at music festivals. The fascination with shit died down in the mid-to-late seventies, as there was a fair amount of music which, to quote Margaret Thatcher, was "out shitting the shit". By the noughties, the free world's use of shit was almost entirely replaced by Disney Channel Original movies, Twilight books and Glen Beck's TV show. With these things in the world, people decided that "the world's already shitty enough".

You're a genius, how did you come up with that stuff? "Liberty Chocolate"? LOL

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YDI for not wearing gloves while cleaning a BATHROOM!!! nasty.

Here's a tip... wear gloves when cleaning bathrooms.

I'm sorry... but how could human faces look like a piece of paper?

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Anything is possible. OP must be an idiot. A Human idiot.

I thought it was faeces? not feces?

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US v. UK spelling. OP You should have gone Specsavers

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I kinda get depressed reading comments like this, because it reminds me what a BAD image America has with the rest of the world. Actually, let me correct myself: reading comments like #40 depress me, because it reminds me that the dumb American jokes are probably mostly true. .............. Thank god for New York.

where were your gloves??? I mean cleaning somebody's restroom with nothing on your hands? that's disgusting eww

#6 I have been wondering the same thing. another post wrote farces. but I'm studying nursing n it's def faeces.... I'm confused. I was gone put it down to American spelling or something.

Ha ha. That was my poop. I have marked you for life! You now belong to me. ;0)

well i thought it would be llama feces you would find in there...on the other hand i do feel bad for you

Well, it's got to be the other hand, you wouldn't want to be anywhere near the first one :s