By Scarred - 04/04/2012 03:27 - United States - Marquette

Today, while at work, I found a dead dog in a freezer. Turns out it's been in there for over 3 years. FML
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Where the heck do you work?

*opens freezer* "well, I guess I found Fido." *sees striped shirt peeking underneath* "yeah!!...I also found Waldo!"


Where the heck do you work?

Hopefully not a vet clinic.. and nobody cared that there's just a random dog in the freezer?

Unless op works in a restaurant which serves exotic unusual meat? Still...

This FML is just chilling.

blackheart24 10

You mean Korea.

He could be working at a taxidermy.

Bungee, who made the halo series, has kept a frozen dog there for years, maybe there

I interned at a vet clinic once. As a joke, one lady took all the dead animals out of the freezer and hid in it herself. Another lady led me in there telling me to do something. She then jumped out and screamed at me, laughed, and walked away. I had to put the bodies back..

JayJaysGirl 0

We had a died. We never saw it being I'm scared to open the freezer

MerrikBarbarian 9

Going to guess op works at a university or teaching clinic. Vets generally don't keep animals in the freezer longer then is needed to perform a necropsy... And after 3 years... Good luck being able to skin anything. Stuff slowly freeze dries after a year, so it would be like skinning jerky. The longest I've kept an animal in the freezer for taxidermy purposes was 6 months.


Cool story bro ^^

Kentucky Fried Chihuahuas

that's disgusting. poor dog

Sk8trlover19 3

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No need to get teary eyed over a dead animal.. I Wanna see this person watch animal planet for about 10 minutes and see that reaction ;)

In the arms of an angel....

Oh goodness that mclachlan commercial haunts me even here!

iDaniel525 8

Am I the only one who sang the song instead of just reading it?

Search all the freezers!

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Hey!!! You should text me .. My numbers on my profile;)

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xXxIracebethxXx 14

How else did OP find out the dog was in the freezer for 3 years? He had to have asked someone who has been working there for +3 years...

*opens freezer* "well, I guess I found Fido." *sees striped shirt peeking underneath* "yeah!!...I also found Waldo!"

Sound waldo? Is that where's Waldo or the deaf?

9- Grammar Nazi failure at its finest.

#5 i just died of laughter.

5-Now we just need to find Carmen Sandiego and Joseph Kony. At least we found bin Laden, hide-and-seek champion from 2001-2011.

37-What about Kyle?

Someone saving it for a snack and then forgot about it?

Maybe if he worked in Korea, or china, where dogs are a delicacy ;)

lammi_thi 0

Must've been an Asian!

how do you come to know its in freezer for 3 yrs ? dog told you so ?

Somebody else who works there?

Autopsy reports confirmed time of death and how it died...duh

Problem, autopsy's use bugs and the body temperature and state of decomposition, all of which are screwed when placed in a freezer. Someone probably told her.

50 - *told him ;)

MerrikBarbarian 9

Necropsy. Autopsy is for humans. Any tests performed post mortum on an animal it's correctly called a necropsy. The more you know!!! :)

xXxIracebethxXx 14

54 - Why the winking face? CREEP.

Why was it there in the first place??

It was pretending to be a beef popsicle.

GuessWhatKids 13

8 - That's kind of what OP is asking...

Oh, pardon me I was saving that, just couldn't bring my self to burring ole' yeller. Good day!

Why do I find this so morbidly hilarious? I feel dirty.

(ಥ_ಥ) Justice for the poor dog!

You say that, and yet, you have that profile pic...

Junkie_Razor 20

Carnivorous killer bunnies are a serious problem to the wolf population, #12 is just raising awareness.