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  Hidur  |  10

I interned at a vet clinic once. As a joke, one lady took all the dead animals out of the freezer and hid in it herself. Another lady led me in there telling me to do something. She then jumped out and screamed at me, laughed, and walked away. I had to put the bodies back..


Going to guess op works at a university or teaching clinic. Vets generally don't keep animals in the freezer longer then is needed to perform a necropsy... And after 3 years... Good luck being able to skin anything. Stuff slowly freeze dries after a year, so it would be like skinning jerky. The longest I've kept an animal in the freezer for taxidermy purposes was 6 months.

  VorpikeII  |  17

Problem, autopsy's use bugs and the body temperature and state of decomposition, all of which are screwed when placed in a freezer. Someone probably told her.