By crazyautio - United States
Today, while at work, a lady with a mustache came in and told me she was lost. I was happy to help, but could not stop rubbing my nose due to allergies. As she left she said, "I know I have a mustache you little ass" and stormed out. FML
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  YourEvilHero  |  12

I think women look beautiful in mustaches. In fact more women should have them. ;)

  infectedsense  |  15

Skin sensitivity can play a part in hair removal treatment, particularly the face. Being a female with noticeable facial hair is the worst thing in the world; you feel hideous but there's not much you can do, it's generally a hormonal imbalance you were born with. Imagine being a woman and having to shave/wax your face every fucking day. Maybe she can't afford laser treatment. Whatever the reason, fuck HER life.

  Swiftie  |  0

I have sensitive skin, therefore I can't tolerate waxing or threading on my "mustache". I use the regular creams you rub on the hairy area, then wipe it away with a damp towel. It's much easier, not painful at all, and a cheaper alternative.

  daisiebud  |  18

Maybe she can't afford it? Also, she's probably really self-conscious about it. I know, for me, I didn't pluck my eyebrows for a long time because I was worried it'd be really obvious, and it'd just draw attention to it. I guess, I was more worried about people thinking my eyebrows bothered me.

My reaction wasn't a normal one, though, I realize...

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Allergies vary from person to person. OP might not even get a sniffly nose. I get allergies, but they just make my nose itchy and red. Tissues ain't going to get rid of the redness.

  OneBigMessUp  |  5

He/She might see her again! I really embarrased myself infront of a really hot guy not long ago and thought to myself 'Oh well i will never see him again' I saw him a couple of weeks after :/


42, #10 did absolutely nothing wrong. It's not like everyone goes through and reads each comment before posting their own. And we don't know for sure if the lady has sensitive skin or not. If she doesn't, she could easily get a waxing.

  bronsrawr  |  1

How is this anything like that. He's not offering to pay for her to wax her upper lip. Perhaps she can't afford it. For me to keep my eyebrow "socially acceptable", I would have to get then waxed almost every week, at $15 dollars a pop. That's just not feasible for me since I'm a student. Also, I can't tweeze or wax them myself cause the fine motor skills in one hand are paralyzed. The reason he's insensitive is because he's telling her just to wax, flat out, without any regard for her circumstances.

By  KM96  |  24

She's obviously experienced a situation like this before and took it the wrong way, maybe. But maybe you could have done something more ... But what happened, happened. Sorry for you OP that it worked out like it did.