By breadcrumb - United States - Kansas City
Today, while at work, a customer, who was also on his phone, rudely asked what kinds of bread we had for his sandwich. After I told him we had many different kinds to offer, he cut me off, told me to stop playing stupid, and stormed out after holding up a long line of people. FML
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  KawaiiPinkie  |  11

The customer is always right, even when they are wrong, they are right.
But then you also have the times where they are just wrong and no matter how you look at it, they just can't be right.

By  abbyade  |  21

Well he didn't deserve to be served anyway with that attitude. I hope he didn't get you in trouble and you were able to serve the other customers with no trouble. Some people are just weird

By  A07  |  48

People like these are the reason why employees need to be allowed to refuse people service without getting told off or laid off by their managers, Sorry OP, there's no known cure for stupid, yet.

By  suckceed  |  17

So instead of answering his question, you just said we have 'many kinds'. Would it not have been better to do your job and list the types you had, so he could pick one and go on his merry way?

  jenjen2633  |  17

Op said that the customer cut them off when saying "we have many different kinds". It is possible op was going to then list the various kinds of bread they had.

  vreid  |  20

Notice how he said "then he cut me off" as in "we have many different kinds" was a prelude to the long list he was about to give

  brand125  |  17

do you people not read? the op was cut off before they had a chance to tell them what kinds of bread they had, they were obviously going to. jeeze dumbass...