By FckMyLife - 24/03/2011 14:46 - United States

Today, while at the mall I opened a bathroom stall thinking nobody was in there. The door just didn't close properly. I hit an elderly woman in the head. FML
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I don't see the problem with this. if the door is open, you assume nobody is in there. And just because she old, it doesn't mean she close a damn door.

Did she stumble and fall into the toilet? I mean, old people usually experience loss of coordination. No but in all seriousness, I hope she's okay and next time look for feet!


sounds like urine trouble

I see what you did there....

so evil, even left out the part where OP then proceeded to urinate on the poor elderly woman

Your use of "proceeded to" makes me want to stab small children.

sounds like urine trouble

sounds like urine trouble

haha go ahead grammar nazi

KaySL, his lack of usage of punctuation make me want to punt newborns through 4 inch panes of glass

sounds like urine trouble wtf?

I agree. Evil.

Im gonna concur with the above statement : EVIL.

hahahahahaha. funny.

LOL. What is it with people/things hitting old people recently.

Whatever!, you are my hero OP! :)

OMFG FIRST!!!one!!11!!! But seriously though, as it was an old woman I'm surprised she didn't get concussion or something!

you weren't the first one lol

65 yes they were.. look at the very first comment.. lol

well played, checkmate

Circuit (à la Choke)! She wanted you to open it and see her

Today, I was taking a poo when a young lady came in the stall and hit me on the head with the door. FML

YDI for being out of the kitchen

OP hates old people, I love it when people follow through with their beliefs, head shot.

what does OP stand for?

Oriental Permeation

Original Poster*

Well delivered man .....

I moderated this one

How could u?!?! she's probably in a coma u can't just do tht stuff to old ppl!! hahaha u couldve asked if anyone was in there too

LOL damn old people she probably didn't even realise someone come in and the door hit her on the head. I feel sorry for OP tbh, must've been a pretty grim sight.

should of looked under the stall to see if there were feet.

Lol, looking under the stall, when there's an old lady on the bowl = a sight that will haunt you for life.

YDI for being out of the kitchen

That's a bit extreme too make sure that the world doesn't find out that women do indeed take shits. I applaud you for your conviction to your cause next time that lady will think twice.

who said the old lady was shitting.. ladies do have to sit down to pee you know..

I get it! Dukes of Hazzard reference! "Mother of God", lol

13- Godamn you're a buzzkill here too!

59 - no false ever since the p-mate was invented all little girls and women now pee standing up. google it. 81 - You should watch super troopers right meow to get these references or shenanigans.

Have you no respect for your elders? This younger generation, I swear...

she did it on purpose?

If it was purposely done, it wouldn't be an FML, now would it?

"Today, I accomplished something I was trying to accomplish. FML"

#31: Hence why you just implied it was intentional?! But of course, I forget, you're 18, you've lived so long, experienced so much, and watched so many generations grow up and go through life, how can I ever question your vast experience?

1. I fail to see the "disrespect" toward the elderly lady hence the usage of the word Accidentally... 2.You were born in '93, you are the younger generation...Hypocrite.

meh, still could be how old are you anyways? ^ oh i see they said it already

Hey, KaySL or whatever your name is. I'm pretty sure it was sarcasm, so GTFO TROLL I HATE YOU.

KaySL wasn't trolling.. Simply stating the facts.. Dumbass.

Calm down, SirEBC's being sarcastic ;)

Jeeze, guys. I was kidding. Tough crowd. :/

And you know what? Just because I am part of the younger generation doesn't mean that I can't see that there is something wrong with our generation. It's not hypocrisy.

What's s troll?

What's with people hurting old people.

Old people are still humans, you know.