By godzilllla - 08/08/2015 01:59 - United States - Bothell

Today, while at the local supermarket, I spotted an attractive woman packing food into a shelf. Trying to be flirty, I asked where I could find the cream cheese. Apparently, it was on the shelf right behind me. I heard her mutter "idiot" under her breath. FML
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Well, she's not wrong.

Whenever theres a girl around, guys tend to dumb down.. Better luck next time OP


Whenever theres a girl around, guys tend to dumb down.. Better luck next time OP

mds9986 24

How is asking for cream cheese flirty?

I assume innuendo, but other than that, I got nothing

Tora_Fang 5

it was probably a conversation starter

jkp1291 25

Picking up woman at the grocery store. Classy.

Even better that they asking where the Cream Cheese is was being flirty.

Picking up a girl at a grocery store I can at least somewhat understand. Asking where the cream cheese is as a way of flirting?? This is why that person is single. When you flirt you are supposed to be hinting at the fact that you're interested. Any normal shopper asks where things are, how are you being any different? How is that flirting??

I don't know, #36. Every time I ask a girl where can I find cream cheese, panties on a 2 miles radius start dropping furiously.

@47, I just actually laughed out loud at your comment. Either you have a smooth voice or some serious game then. Either way, I applause you sir!!!

dw op same thing happened to me, it is really awkward at first but then you just laugh it off

You asked where the cream cheese was?

Well, she's not wrong.

MdMan2 23

Well, I don't know if I would want someone trying to pick me up while I'm doing my shopping. Just my 2 cents.

RenoTheRhino 30

She wasn't shopping.

She was working. Even worse.

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Yeah it would've been a way better approach to sit in the parking lot until she got off work and then follow her to her car. That's what usually works for me

You forgot to mention the chloroform as well #53, makes 'em fall for you every time.

Nice try OP. Maybe next time just say hi.

what a rude cunt

what a rude ass you are for calling a girl that ..

1dvs_bstd 41

#19 "for calling a girl that" ... what does her gender have to do with his rudeness?

#7, not matter how rude a woman is, you NEVER call her that. Just because she said what she said does not warrant you calling her the C word. That's a Dick part on you for making that comment.

that's a D-word move. might as well censor words for both genders huh

You could call everyone dick-cunts, that's true gender equality.

Really 7? What a vile person you are. Who the hell wants to be bothered by customers for questions as pointless as that whilst you're trying to get through your shift? Granted, OP didn't realise how ridiculous their question was, although they should realise people like to just get on with it at the work place, not face the consequences of 'slacking off' if their boss caught them flirting. I literally cannot believe the language people use about absolute strangers; how dare that woman not be joyful to that one person in her day, I know let's abuse them online..

@74 she's at a place of business, and she didn't know the guy was trying to flirt with her, you don't call a customer an idiot for asking a question. There have been countless times when I was at the supermarket, and overlooked an item that was near me and had to ask an employee for help. Yes the OP is horrible at flirting, but she had no clue that he was trying to flirt, so there was no reason to call him an idiot.

Cheesie pickup lines never work!

you never say pun intended, you're supposed to leave it for the reader to find out -.- edit: thx for editing

AkBunny907 18

well punned

Maybe ask for her number next time?