By Anonymous - 21/10/2011 21:27 - Canada

Today, while at my job as a hostess, I was seating a couple and their adorable little girl. I tried to ask how old she was, but what came out was, "Aww, what breed is she?" FML
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She's an oompa loompa

skata 4

how do you screw that up?


She's an oompa loompa

13FTW 9

I think she was a Chuck Norris child.

She's not an oompa loompa. She from Brittish Colombia, not willy wonkas chocolate factory or the cast of jersey shore.

Clearly a joke.

hell no. she is a poodle of course.

hell no. she is a poodle of course.

Clearly people nowadays don't recognize a joke when they see one. I understood it & thought it was hilarious. Lol

13FTW 9

27, I agree completely. 22 has no sense of humor.

I agree as well 27. get a sense of humor.

Maybe 22 had a stick shoved up their ass... Or ate insanely spicy chili. No excuse to be a douche.

LiveLaughFML 10

imagine if the parents responded saying "she's a shih zhu mixed with a maltese." x]

49 that's what breed my dog is.

MagicGiraffe 12

I think 22 is an Oompa Loompa and is just sensitive about his race ;)

49(livelaughFML) Is the description on you profile the lyrics to some SPM song

No, it's just Chuck Testa.

Is that guy chuck testa also referring to sangria as purple drank?

Marcella1016 31

You guys do realize 22 was making a joke too, right? I believe they were referring to Snooki, from Jersey Shore, who has been compared to an Oompa Loompa. Looks like it's you guys who can't take a joke lol

By the way who the fuck is chuck testa

Well, clearly that joke sucked. & I'm pretty sure everyone knew that 22 was referring to some overly-tan Jersey Shore cast member.

Hey! I found Willie Wonka, 1! He's 34: NEEPLES! Someone should tell him an oompa loompa is missing. Lol

dontpanic_fml 32

Oh yes, clearly it did Miss_Attitude, since you didn't get it. You were pathetically guilty of what you accused 22 of, and don't pretend otherwise please haha

Well, 86, I did get it. I just didn't think it was too funny cuz I don't watch Jersey Shore. I have better things to do than watch trash on TV. Let alone, I barely have time to watch TV.

Better things like read FML?

Better like... reading FML?

22 - It's spelt British Columbia.

jake1632 9


suckmysarcasm 10

no if she was chuck norris's child the op wouldnt be alive to post this

SystemofaBlink41 27

Wet dreams.

13FTW 9

The random comment thing was cool the first time, don't continue to do so or you will more than likely be buried.

Mine is a veloceraptor mixed with a kangaroo and a big mac

Hmmmph... Did she bark???

I think 26 is funny

Fudgenutting hilarious.

skata 4

how do you screw that up?

m0tl3ycru3 0

Obviously she's not human

Someone obviously didn't get any tips.

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119 - 1. He already "fixed" that typo. 2. What are you talking about? He wasn't fixing anyone's grammar!!

119 he was not correcting a grammar mistake, 47 was providing another reason, and if you read his next comment, he fixes it.

Dangit 123 you beat me to it!

...Right I knew that...

punkin_26 16

Thumbs up for effort Belovan. I hate it when that happens.

CaroAurelia 12

Eh, some pretty asinine stuff comes out of people's mouths sometimes. I've never said anything like that, but I've said some doozies.

calliallialli 0

Sounds like you live in a dog eat dog world

danielreader22 4

Sounds like you fail.

cloverpi314 4

Awwww :(

Its pretty much the same thing :)

"I am soooo sorry. Gotta hate auto correct, lol!" "You're standing right in front of me..."

cyrusyoman 5

she is a caucasian two year old, straight from kansas

Did the girl start eating your brains after you asked that?

That's not funny, bro. Try harder.

thats wrong. just not funny at all. my uncle had his brains eaten out by a young girl in a situation very similar to this

AllThatHit 7

walking dead, anyone?

ipodlover1995 0

Weeeell, she's part human and part golden retriever.

Girls with hot profile pictures post here ;)

ipodlover1995 0 must be thinking of someone besides me...

with just a dash of peanut butter.

iFizzgig 11

Half man half bear half pig

Snafuusmc 12


10 - Homo Erectus.

Homo habilis. "Handy man". Homo erectus. "Upright man". It's like they WANT us to make crude jokes...

She's not a homo Sapien. :P neither are you.

97 cool story bro.