By JackG / Wednesday 3 March 2010 01:20 / United States
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By  danijay88  |  0

haha are you? sicko.

By  strandedinalimo  |  0

It's pedophile, gosh! Really though, were you turned on?

By  Fminetoo  |  0

Thats what you get for eating at such a disgusting and unhealthy restaraunt. You should give up the fast food, its bad for you, makes you stink and smell life burnt grease Finally, i get to tear an OP a new asshole for a unhealthy habit, just like everyone else does to the smokers! Jk Thats messed up from the mom though. BTW, its 3 Am and im on FML, and I still didnt get to be first. FML. Jk. : P Have a great day fellow FMLers.

  Residence_fml  |  4

You just called it a restaurant.. I think that's already over exaggerated. I hate MC Donalds food except for the mcFlurry that's delicious, I hope you got one when that bitch finished yelling at you.. If people weren't already throwing stones at you

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