By JackG - 03/03/2010 01:20 - United States

Today, while at McDonald's, I saw an 8 year old girl licking a life-size Ronald McDonald sitting on a bench. Being concerned, I told her mother who then yelled at me for 10 minutes for being a "paedophile" and "being turned on by an 8 year old girl." FML
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imdeborah 0

WTF? the girl's mom is deffinitely a dumbass.

darnesey 0

you never know how many other kids licked mcdonald's body. so many germs.


danijay88 0

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popatia 0

McDonalds sucks. Never heard of one licking. Okay I know that was lame but I'm still posting anyways.

blitzen123 0

Maybe he is a sicko. o.o

I guess it's too sick to sick to suggest a threesome?

im2good25 0

so....were you u turned on?

slap the shit out of her!!!

FYLDeep 25

YDI for being inside a McDonald's.

Kylias 6

"I'm sorry ma'am, but she got her genes from you; she's not hot."

ick_fml 5

why did you sit there for 10 minutes and listen to her bitching?

call her a bitch and spit in her mcnuggets.

man just get the bigmac and leave

epicfailburger 0


Honey , it's not a huge dump of cherry and vanilla icecream

loooloool 13

Maybe Ronald wasn't the only one wanting to give the mcdick some people are kinda sick if you ask me

You're joking right?

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Tikwichka 5

Paedophile is the British spelling...

PedoBearSaysYES 0

O.O no. it can be either way I would know ;) and op fyl and that mom deserves it if her kid gets mono or grows up to be a pervy mervy

#2 is freaking hot!!!!!

^this ftw. This FML gets pedobears stamp of approval

kalibos666 13

that sucks are you pedo bear

PandasRtheShit 0

@20 profile pic FTW!

xlostwithoutu 0

Bitch slap the mom and tell her that her little prick is a sick fuck :P 

rfngxhhshi 0

2- Fail

darnesey 0

you never know how many other kids licked mcdonald's body. so many germs.

sashalynn 0

germaphobe(sp?) much???? ;-)


omg psh tell the mom you were warning her abt your daughter getting herpes D; ronald mcdonald is so dirty as in germs lol

Fminetoo 0

Thats what you get for eating at such a disgusting and unhealthy restaraunt. You should give up the fast food, its bad for you, makes you stink and smell life burnt grease Finally, i get to tear an OP a new asshole for a unhealthy habit, just like everyone else does to the smokers! Jk Thats messed up from the mom though. BTW, its 3 Am and im on FML, and I still didnt get to be first. FML. Jk. : P Have a great day fellow FMLers.

doink 0

I work in fast food and I come home smelling like fry grease and Jumbo Jacks.

Lemme Jack in the box?! LOL mmmm

You just called it a restaurant.. I think that's already over exaggerated. I hate MC Donalds food except for the mcFlurry that's delicious, I hope you got one when that bitch finished yelling at you.. If people weren't already throwing stones at you

Both spellings are correct! Anyway, FYL OP. That sucks. I say let her lick it: good excercise for the immune system.

Ha ha. That sucks. You should have just let it go and not said anything lol. Lesson learned i guess :p.

imdeborah 0

WTF? the girl's mom is deffinitely a dumbass.