By Big bootay - 28/01/2019 16:00

Today, while at a restaurant, my 4 year old son pointed to a lady and exclaimed “Mom, her butt is even bigger than yours!” FML.
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Ask him of he likes big butts (and he can not lie).


You ought to make friends with her. It’s easier than dieting. Just surround yourself with fatter and fatter friends and you’ll seem thin by comparison!

Ask him of he likes big butts (and he can not lie).

l_ 19

Funny, reminds me of something I did at around his age. Me and my mom were crossing the street and I just stopped, pointed at some lady, and loudly exclaimed "Mom, look! Big! Fat! Juicy! Butt!"... I was a bit of a problem child.

She thicc.

To whom you could’ve replied: ‘thank you son. Now don’t bother the nice lady’.

Lora Wood 11

Apparently he's a butt man.

edwardcullenisme 6

Maybe that’s a good thing