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wow that just made him look stupid you still got a chance with her.

you definitely deserve a date OP best of luck and please follow up ^~^


Ex's can be terrible. Sorry OP.

Even worse if it is a crushes ex. They can be jealous assholes.

For future references, you can edit comments you made up to 120 seconds after posting so you won't have to respond to yourself.

For someone who calls himself comment king, you certainly didn't grasp the art of commenting.

#14 yeah I didn't know that. Sorry for any inconveniences with you guys. I don't exactly have amazing grammar at 2 in the morning

wow that just made him look stupid you still got a chance with her.


Especially if it's a crushes ex.

you replied to yourself four times and still managed to incorrectly write crush's ex

You really live up to your name #17

That gives you something to talk about the next time you see her

"Yeah hey, remember the time your drunken ex puked all over me? Good times..." er no. That is super awkward. Fuck OP's life.

Why is her ex still there ? Is she still in touch wif him? If yes... then she's a no no

Because exes absolutely never maintain the same circles of friends?

Should have thrown up on him in return!

well, you broke the ice and the tension. go up to her next time you see her and just ask her again. i think she won't decline if she's been with an asswipe before.

Bummer dude. Tell the cunt to buy you a new shirt. Oh and hope you get the chance to ask the girl out again.

Did you still get a chance later to ask her out? :)

Did she still say yes? :)