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Today, while at a concert, I stepped into a restroom to use my nasal spray since my allergies were acting up. Apparently, someone thought that I had been snorting coke in the stall. I was escorted outside and had to wait for the cops until I could explain everything. I missed the headliner. FML
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people need to mind their own business

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I hope you demanded a refund since you were wrongfully accused.


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Shouldn't have gotten taken out in the first place. If OP didn't have any on him, and obviously wasn't high, they didn't need the cops.

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I hate people like you that must see a bright side to everything. The glass isn't always half full.

DraftHail614 17

I hate people like you that must see a bright side to everything. The glass isn't always half full.

did you try to explain it to the person?

"I was escorted outside and had to wait for the cops until I could explain everything." Hmmm... Idk you tell me.

No, she just said nothing, what do you think?

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people need to mind their own business

Not really, because if he was snorting coke, he should be caught! But perhaps security could try a little bit of understanding next time, instead of flipping out right away.

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Yeah!! We should let anyone do whatever the hell they want as long as no one else is hurt! Public health be damned, right? This is the biggest (and stupidest) argument that pro-drug morons make to justify its use. Do you know how many people were hurt or killed to get your cocaine to you?

#19 - People are hurt and killed BECAUSE its illegal. So that's not an argument against drugs.

No, people are hurt and killed because it's a vicious business, and it's illegal because it's extremely harmful. Don't try to apply your stoner logic to cocaine. It doesn't work.

22 ~Yes, because no one has ever been hurt or hurt another person while under the influence of drugs.~

Dude, you have to DO drugs to be a stoner. Just calling random people you disagree with "stoners" doesn't make any sense.

Doc, according to a 1995 World Health Organization report, cocaine is less harmful than legal substances. Keeping it illegal forces people to smuggle it rather than create legitimate, non-violent businesses.

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Concerts have really changed ...

I don't do any illegal drugs and I agree that most drugs should be legal. Less people would get hurt if it could be regulated, and people should have the right to do whatever they want to their own bodies as long as it doesn't hurt someone else. The "war on drugs" in the US is just adding to the problem in my opinion. Sending loads of people to jail for a non-violent crime just doesn't make sense. Not to mention the massive Mexican drug cartels that get people hurt and killed would not even exist if they couldn't make a profit if the drugs they sell are legal.

Well, extending your logic, I supposed if I see someone slashing himself on the wrist, or witness someone attempt to hang herself, I shouldn't interfere. Because, after all, people can do whatever they want to their bodies so long as they don't interfere with our lives.

Doc, it's a vicious business because what they sell is illegal. If it was decriminalized, then a lot of the violence would go away because you could have a government regulated business.

#46 Are you in law enforcement or a medical professional? Then you should not interfere. Call one of the professionals and stay out of it. If someone is attempting to take their own life you aren't qualified to be involved if you don't have training dealing with that particular situation. Now when it comes to substance use, you should also mind you own business. You don't go up to every person you see drinking and get involved do you? However that substance is extremely dangerous. But it happens to be legal at this time so you stay out of it. If an illegal substance is being used by an adult, who is not friend or family, your opinion should be kept to yourself. It is only asking for trouble when you meddle where you don't belong.

46, I'm talking about laws. I don't think it should be illegal, that doesn't mean individual people can't be concerned about a family member or loved one if they are hurting themselves with drugs or in some other way. I also think assisted suicide should be legal, and it's someone's own choice if they want to take their life. Not saying that you shouldn't try to convince them otherwise, but if someone believes that their quality of life is terrible and won't ever get any better, then they should be able to make the decision to die. My mom always says that if when she gets old she is extremely sick and would have to be in the hospitals for the rest of her life, she would want to just end it instead of endure in misery until she dies naturally. Would it really be that wrong to help her do that if it was really what she wanted?

There is a market for violence free lab quality cocaine for testing and research purposes. If they can get it to Pfizer and Merck and Novartis without people being hurt and killed along the way, why can't they get it into CVS and Rite-Aid and Shoppers Drug Mart and Lawtons? Government regulation and taxation would keep there from being so many harmful additives, would make a bad batch infinitely more traceable and would certainly lower the amount of injuries caused by the unlawful trafficking of such high profit narcotics. And if they did OD, they'd have made payments into the health care system while buying it. Instead of the street corner sales that never pay taxes into the health care coffers.

Seems I have gotten thumbed down many times for my comment above. When you snort coke, you lose your self control, and can possibly hurt others. My friend tried it, and ended up killing his dog while he was high, and almost me as well.

suicide is one thing. assisted suicide is basically murder. "hey bib can you help me out? i wanna blow my brains out but i'm too scared to pull the trigger... mind shooting me in the head? thanks pal!"

58, assisted suicide cases usually have to do with a family and very sick (terminally ill) person in the hospital, where the sick person doesn't want to live anymore, and the family doesn't want to see the person suffering anymore, so the doctor or nurse basically poisons them through the IV. In those cases the person wouldn't have access to a gun or any other means to do it themselves.

Technically, 58, regular suicide is also murder. It's considered a crime to take any human's life, including your own, and if they catch you attempting suicide they can arrest you, same as if they caught you killing someone else. So there's really no difference.

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So my friends mother went out to the train tracks and killed herself by a moving train. But it's not his business cause its her body right? Cause its not right for him to want her to live regardless she had no medical issues right?

Of course it's his business, it's his mother. It is not the governments business, however.

At least you actually didn't do anything wrong. That's all that counts. But it still sucks that you missed the concert.

Should have offered them some, and told them it gives you a buzz!

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I hope you demanded a refund since you were wrongfully accused.

Redglare 8

I have a feeling you could've saved a lot of trouble explaining it to the person who called on you and even showing them your nasal spray. I don't even get how you confuse nasal spray with snorting coke...

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It's actually relatively easy to replace the stuff in the nasal spray container with your own concoction, or so I've heard.

"Or so I've heard" definitely means "I know from experience"! I do have one question for OP, why step out of the concert to use it? This is probably a dumb question (actually it is) but as someone who doesn't have allergies I have no clue!!

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OP may have wanted to avoid that issue/accusation or was trying to be polite and not shove something up his nose in public. Needless to say, it backfired on our poor OP.

Redglare 8

Okay, well that makes more sense now, I can understand trying to avoid unnecessary conflict in that case.

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People only took offense because they weren't offered any of the "good stuff."

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People are so paranoid nowadays!

Once they saw the nasal spray they still held you? I think they owe you some tickets to another concert! I'd be pissed!

That's what I was thinking. No way in hell would I pay to wait outside and miss the concert. They should either refund the full ticket price or offer OP replacement tickets to another show. Or both. That's ridiculous.