By Anonymous - United States
Today, while arguing with my boyfriend about how I wasn't a bad driver and could parallel park, I decided it was easier to just let him do it. Unfortunately, while getting out of the car to switch seats, I forgot to take the car out of drive and it ran into the car in front of us. He was right. FML
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  lifeinhd  |  3

No no no, this is all wrong! Neutral, handbrake, brick in front of a drive wheel, remove one tire just in case, stuff rag up exhaust to kill engine, disconnect negative battery terminal. Surely everybody knows this procedure.

By  janise  |  2

Statistically speaking men are more dangerous drivers in general. Although I believe middle-aged female drivers are the worst out of everyone. Also, this OP makes all women drivers (including me) look bad.

By  Rota  |  0

Women behind the wheel of a moving vehicle are a god damn danger to society. You're lucky you didn't somehow manage to cause a twenty car pileup while you were at it.