By Anonymous - 10/01/2010 02:20 - United States

Today, while arguing with my boyfriend about how I wasn't a bad driver and could parallel park, I decided it was easier to just let him do it. Unfortunately, while getting out of the car to switch seats, I forgot to take the car out of drive and it ran into the car in front of us. He was right. FML
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There's cool thing called putting it in park.

A woman admitting a man is right? What has this world come to!?


There's cool thing called putting it in park.

Damn iPhone keyboard. There's this cool thing called putting it in park.*

No no no, this is all wrong! Neutral, handbrake, brick in front of a drive wheel, remove one tire just in case, stuff rag up exhaust to kill engine, disconnect negative battery terminal. Surely everybody knows this procedure.

well women cant drive, so they should just never have to learn about any of that crap

Of course he's right, he's a man...

Women can't drive, it's actually a scientific fact. Women can't analyze things as good as men. There was a study about it.

Shoulda put it in "R" for Race.

dont listen to the guy before me. it happens to best of us sometimes. i hope ur car and the other car wasn't damaged too much :(

I assumed by "us" she meant "us women".

Yeah but only not really. The best of who?

why the fuck are u driving anyway OP? stay in the goddamn fucking kitchen u ffucking whorebag. YDI

Agreed number one. Jesus, women are such shitty drivers.

Statistically speaking men are more dangerous drivers in general. Although I believe middle-aged female drivers are the worst out of everyone. Also, this OP makes all women drivers (including me) look bad.

Statitically speaking, 5 out of every 6 people enjoy tossed salad.. but does that make it right?

statistically speaking, 1 out of 1 genetically advanced smart towel likes to get high, but does that make it right?

What a buzz kill izomiac. -_-

What Pendatic said.

Statistically speaking statistics are bull shit

Women behind the wheel of a moving vehicle are a god damn danger to society. You're lucky you didn't somehow manage to cause a twenty car pileup while you were at it.

I guess it happens to drunk male driver too.

I like how you said "drunk" :P

A woman admitting a man is right? What has this world come to!?

One where girls think duckface looks good.

you did 2 things wrong. 1. Thinking you as a woman should be allowed to drive. 2. Arguing with a man, while he was driving.

Pretty much sums it up.

don't try to say ur not supposed to argue with a man. ur wak. stop tryna be macho