By sickatwokr - 30/06/2015 20:26 - Australia

Today, while alone in the childcare centre I work at, one of the children farted bad enough to trigger my morning sickness. Because I was alone, I couldn't leave the room, which resulted in me throwing up into a 2-year-old-sized toilet, while 12 toddlers either watched or ran wild. FML
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At least your teaching them to barf in toilets


I can smell the putrid combined odors from here.

At least your teaching them to barf in toilets

Was the toilet empty?

If it wasn't, that could be a FML story on its own.

That's gotta suck. But I commend you for taking care of those children, especially while you're pregnant.

It's her job though it's not like everyone can quit if she has morning sickness she'd only be about 3 months pregnant

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I don't see why OP's co-worker couldn't have been in the bathroom. Stupid reason to give a YDI.

In Illinois, the ratio for a licensed daycare is a ratio of 12:1 kids to adults. No age limits. I run a daycare. So you might be wrong there.

A teacher should NEVER be completely alone with a group of children that young. It's entirely inappropriate and its what enables cases of child abuse. If you own a center and allow your staff to care for children alone, that's a huge liability you should reconsider.

The ratio in NSW is 6:1 I think. It changes with age. I'll assume Queens land is the same. But there's plenty of ways this could have occurred while not being negligent. All the rooms at any centres my kids have been to have half walls. There's no way an adult is ever completely alone with a child. The kids bathrooms and change areas either have half walls or massive windows. So even if one of the two carers per room has to duck out, there's always extra people keeping an eye on things over the wall. It is required to be like this. What if carer 2 is changing pants and can't walk away until she's finished incase the child falls off the change table?

wait till you change that diaper

How many of kids did it take to hold your hair?

Were you able to get it all in? If so props to you OP

It was a trap! That kid's been planning it for weeks and has been eating nothing but McDonald's and Taco Bell.