By Anonymous - 23/03/2009 06:43 - Canada

Today, when I walked into work all of my co-workers were giggling and asking "How was YOUR night last night?". Last night I had sex for the first time with someone I'm seeing secretly (with good reason). That person is my boss. He told everyone. FML
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Fuck34 0

Bad idea.

Rule #1, never, ever mix business with pleasure.


Fuck34 0

Bad idea.

^ agreed that is a bad idea

It's like anchorman

hahaha that sucks

Doh! Well, at least when review time comes around you will probably get a bonus... if you were any good that is.

surescope 0

or she could get fired.

Hmm I don't see why that is so bad! Obviously he thinks highly enough of you that he wants other people to know that you two are together!

Rule #1, never, ever mix business with pleasure.

I agree with #4. If he didn't think you were hot and the sex was good, he'd keep it as a secret.

what an ass! how seriously do you feel for him? if you aren't completely in love with him, dump that ass and report him to HR for sexual harassment for telling everyone and making your work place uncomfortable. 4 & 6, it doesn't matter if he was saying good things or not. they decided to keep it secret and he told people without warning her. being a woman in a business setting is hard enough, let alone when everyone thinks you are there only as a boss' play thing.

your a stupid bitch

Thumbs up. I'd sue him for harrasment. Free money = win

Oh, the irony. You're*

Office romances especially with your boss = never

snoopy24_fml 0

such a bad idea...

YDI + FYL... i just hope your boss isn't married...or we'll be seeing a lot more of you here