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  MadPercussion  |  0

#1 - you smoke, which is a disgusting habit.
#2 - you were littering. so many people think that tossing a cigarette on the ground is completeley different than littering, and is completely harmless. it's not. most of you would toss a wrappers and other garbage out your window, so why would you toss a cigarette butt. disgraceful.

  carrie21_xo  |  0

#71 Littering aside, you can't say YDI because OP smokes. It's a bad habit, yes, but it's also very hard to break. Perhaps OP doesn't like smoking, has even attempted to quit, but is too addicted.

  ndvorsky  |  4

So are paper napkins but you don't throw those on the ground, also paper napkins don't start 90% of all highway and Forrest fires( cigarette butts do)

By  pearsinbed  |  0

imagine if it had burned you alive. That is how people in bushfires feel when idiots throw cigarettes out of the windows of cars and then their homes and/or lives are destroyed. no sympathies from oz.

  frank_b102  |  9

I can agree with this! There's too many people throwing cigarettes out the window and causing fires. Especially in summer when everything's dry. No sympathy from me either. YDI

By  PhysOptGuy  |  0

maybe quit smoking? alas, that wouldnt make for a very good FML would it?

"I've been smoking for 20 years. Who knew that I could get lunch cancer?! FML" sounds better than "Wow what am I going to do with the extra 5 grand per year and longer lifespan now that I quit smoking? FML"