By lmiller - United States
Today, when I logged onto facebook, I discovered a friend request from my ex who broke up with me and deleted me months ago. Upon adding her, I was taken to her profile where I saw dozens of status updates talking about how much she loves her new boyfriend, who she dumped me for. FML
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  chaser149  |  0

samething happens to medude cept I'm ably friendswith her bf and he'she one who talkesall about my ex in how there telly in love so one day I jussaid to fuc it I loved her more than u evry will then i went to my ex then kissed a completely randome but hot girl in frount of her and turns out now tht hot girl wantsto go out with me hehe but seriously dude if u still want to b friends all u hav to do Is block her

  saviisneat  |  0

and am I the only one who thinks this DOES make sense? everyone is confused because they read it as he dumped HER but where
did you get that? it CLEARLY says she dumped him twice. there shouldn't be any confusion at all unless you are a troll on crack.

  graciedacie  |  0

No really, F his life! I mean, she is probably a cold hearted jerk who added him back on purpose after writing all those statuses for the sole reason of rubbing it in his face. I mean, I myself am friends on facebook with two exes who wanted to marry me and I totally just got engaged in hopes they would kill themselves in their utter despair. Obviously! Because it's SO not normal to move on and be able to love someone else after a breakup....

  FYLD0UCHE_fml  |  0

Gracie, i hope you're kidding.

Who gives a f*ck if your ex has a boyfriend who she "loves." (It gets thrown around a lot these days.) OP, quit feeling sorry for yourself and go meet a new girl, you'll get over her sooner than you think. If she did friend request just so you could see her statuses, than she's a bitch and the best comeback would be finding a new girlfriend who you really care for.


Gracie, your a riot! I have a new bf and my ex on FB. it doesn't always have to be for revenge. I did it because I actually wanted to talk to him stay friends and as a from of truce. I didn't want him to think I was using him. I broke up with him almost a year ago and he's still a good friend of mine. he still has feelings for me but he was just glad that I was happy. OP if you actually love her or care about her, just let her be happy and move on.


I'm with 5. I'm in the exact same scenario but instead of being depressed I ignore them or even occationally comment telling her I'm happy for her. if it's been that long, it's time to move on. I'll still give you the fyl though just because broken hearts suck.