By Crotch_Rocket_Rider - United States
Today, when approaching a stop light on my motorcycle, I went to extend my left leg as usual to balance when stopped. Apparently my shoelace loop got wrapped around the shift lever and "tied" my shoe to the bike. It's hard to look cool when you fall over for no apparent reason at a stoplight. FML
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  pwnrzero  |  0

this is not a fyl. more like a *meh* moment
in response to number 1, gratz for not saying " omg, im number 1, look at me, im number one!.......etc"


Don't worry I bet the chicks dig that type of stuff......oh wait u fell of and tried to play it off?? Lol nvm ur screwed to walk over this earth as a zombie that gets murdered by one of the characters ib the movie Zombieland.... :D

  musu_fml  |  0

Not so. I ride a motorcycle too, and if you can't touch the floor with both feet at the same time, then you're riding a bike that's too big for you.

The OP deserves it for wearing inappropriate footgear. Motorcycle boots either don't have laces (buckles, zips, etc), or have a flap (often with some kind of armour) on the shin that covers up the laces for this very reason.

I'd put money on him not wearing a single shred of protective gear.

  locketine  |  0

He's probably too small for the bike and needs to shift his weight to one side in order to reach the ground with a foot. So right foot stuck on the clutch (shift lever) prevented him from being able to properly support himself and the bike with his left foot. The guy clearly doesn't know what he's doing but he told the story in a funny way at least.

  EprahsHteb  |  2

Haha me too. I actually laughed out loud. At the mental picture, and the wording..
"It's hard to look cool when you fall over for no apparent reason...."

  greenltrn2003  |  0


before I read the name I thought he was on like a harley or something. but trynna picture a dude on a rice burner jus tipping over randomly seems more comical

  spidergirl41  |  0

"Looking cool" does NOT make someone a d-bag!! Trying too hard to look cool and failing miserably makes someone a d-bag. If looking cool is d-baggery, than we're all guilty of being a d-bag either currently or sometime in the past.

  Unlucky_Gun  |  0

OP wasn't trying to look cool idiot, he was just trying to look like a normal motorcyclist. Most motorcyclists look cool on their bikes naturally, and he said it was hard when you fall off

  kukopia  |  0

Actually, that's why there are motorcycle BOOTS. A REAL rider has them, and always wears them when riding. They don't have laces for just this reason. And they're a LOT better at protecting your feet and ankles from the crap on the road tossed up by your front wheel (and from other vehicles) and protecting you should you crash.