By easilyexited - United States
  Today, we were swimming in gym class. There are some cute girls in our class and they were wearing their bikinis. I was looking at them when I got an erection but since I was underwater I thought no one would see. I'm on the diving team so my teacher asked me to demonstrate a dive to the class. FML
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By  niqua55  |  0

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  ffmmllyaya  |  0

by how easily u got an erection under water in guessing your in high school, hs in us usually don't have pools or swimming class.. and you got to see your classmate in bikinis, that in no way is a fml

  livin_plur  |  0

all the high schools in san Jose have swimming pools, and believe me were pretty ghetto, well my school at least, everyones required to swim or you can't graduate

  CuriousSnail  |  16

You can very easily always see an erection in a swim suit no matter what. Especially when you get out of the water and the suit gets super tight around your skin

By  Tehalon  |  0

#2 how does being in the water prevent you from getting an erection? Never stopped me (but that was my gf's fault, not like i was drooling over some chicks in bikini's)

By  were_giraffe  |  2

#1 It's not pervy if the gals are legal age, or if they're the same age as he is.

I say... hell just go out there and dive and be proud of it. Confidence makes all the difference. >:)

By  wbrycem  |  0

You get a boner real easy, dude.
Speaking of boners, I had morning wood when my roommate uncovered me to try and get me with spray-on tanning shit.