By Jessey - United Kingdom
Today, we were having a school prize giving. I heard my name called and I walked up to the stage waving and smiling, feeling rather proud of myself. I stood by the microphone and started my acceptance speech, only to be tapped on the shoulder by the girl they actually called up. FML
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Depending on the event, some of our awards ceremonies have acceptance speeches. At the senior superlatives, they run it like it's the oscars (red carpet, statues, etc.) and the running joke is that the "most talkative" award the person's speech goes on forever about nothing. So don't be so quick to call bs.

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I am from England, as is the OP. Yes... Prize-giving is VERY commonplace. Awards for excellence...

Nevermind, OP. I bet it was only a Parker Pen anyway. FYL... It was probably blue ink too.
Keep smiling. Maybe next, eh? ;o))