By Fish - 19/03/2009 15:47 - United Arab Emirates

Today, we were hanging around the pool with a couple of friends and a crush of mine. Thinking I would be able to impress her with a well performed dive of the diving board, I go up and attempt my best dive. I slip just as I jump and hit my head on the board. I had to be saved by the lifeguard. FML
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chicks dig scars...

hahah that made me laugh out loud..... show off :P


hahah that made me laugh out loud..... show off :P

Sam_13161821 0

awww. that woulda made me liiike you. (:

awww man!!! haha we all have done embarrassing things while trying to impress. hope they didn't laugh too hard at you... i know its humiliation we all just want to avoid

No one likes a show-off. ^^

chicks dig scars...

lmao true dat :D

rachel42 0

Why try to impress? We aren't that shallow. Making a good dive will get her to date you? good luck with deserved it

#5, are you that girl? maybe SHE is that shallow.

maedoc 0

lolz. well maybe you can use this to your advantage and take advantage of the sympathy aspect... unless it was obvious to her your were showing off

ah, primal mating instinct played out in the most highly evolved species on the planet... failing horribly. jk, i know how you feel.

haha, you shouldn't show off like that

That's when you turn slipping into playing the victim who got hurt and have her take care of you ;)