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By  interesting33  |  36

I sincerely hope that was exaggeration on the needing a new church. Your young son was masturbaring as children do, and didn't know what he was doing or that it was not socially acceptable to do publically, and they would maker you change church for that??? If that is true that is not Christlike behaviour.

  bluejello2001  |  17

Toddlers being obsessed with their privates is totally natural. Especially boys.
They don't understand what masturbation is. Just that there's this really fun and interesting part of their body and it kind of feels fun to play with it. It can take a bit of teaching to get them to understand that they shouldn't touch themselves in public, but kids eventually get it.

By  blondie45  |  21

Hilarious!! I bet every mother in church was silently thanking God that for once it wasn’t their toddler embarrassing them 😂

I remember walking around the shops with my 3 year old son and he spotted the tampon shelf. “Look Mummy, there are those things you put up your pum!”

By  Chazzster  |  20

I can only imagine how embarrassing that was! But have you not noticed the little guy doing that before elsewhere? In the church pew during services is not generally the best place to deal with the “appropriate time and place” conversation.

Obviously at the right time and place masterbation is not a big deal. But around other people is not appropriate....