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  Fmelikeuhateme  |  24

If you try to do something along with the others, and they don't collaborate, you need to do it in your own so you get the grade. Or you do it, and tell the teacher/educator that you did it alone on a attempt to get them f'd.

  9a_1z  |  12

The idea of putting students in groups is so they learn a bit about team-work as well as the subject they're studying, but that's still a responsibility that lies with all members of the group. It shouldn't be all down to OP to pull them all together, I think she should fight her corner!

  ApacheC424  |  18

I once had to talk to my teacher, and he graded our work separately and not as a group. I got near perfect and my partner I think got a C-.

Another time I did all the work but just chose not to step in and save my partner when he obviously couldn't present work he didn't do. Just look after yourself, it will be obvious who actually did anything!


This semester in my biology lab, we had a group project. In my group only 3 people did anything. Me, a guy, and an older lady. The lady and I did most of the work but the guy did the PowerPoint. The 4th member of the group didn't do ANYTHING, which we told the professor about. She still ended up getting a C, based on the effort WE put into the project. Wasn't fair, but at least the other lady and I got A's.

By  Mynamewontfi  |  40

Don't put up with that shit. Tell your teacher the others did absolutely nothing. If something like this happens again, notify your teacher before the date the assignment is due.

By  arano  |  29

I know you don't wanna be "that guy" but just tell the teacher you did all the work and they will most likely give you all the credit.

  leogachi  |  15

@8 There's nothing wrong with standing up for yourself. I had to tell a teacher in seventh grade that my group wasn't helping with a peoject and I would do it again if it happened in the future.