By RayniDae - 15/06/2016 20:08 - United States - Port Clinton

Today, we ran out of our disposal gloves at work. After saying how grossed out I was about having to touch raw chicken with my bare hands, my female boss goes, "Just imagine you're touching yourself. That's what I do." Even more grossed out now. FML
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Where do you work....that's not quite sanitary

Ahhhh the health code violations!!


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i read children o.O

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I'm assuming the thought of imagining her boss' lady parts was the first gross out. The second gross out is imagining that touching any lady parts as similar to handling raw chicken...

Touching yourself satisfies you - getting satisfied from touching a chicken would gross me out

Where do you work....that's not quite sanitary

9 months ago I was a cook at KFC for 2 and a half years and wearing gloves isn't mandatory. The. Proper procedure is to bread up with your hands as log as you scrub and clean them real good.

Touching yourself is not sanitary?

Ahhhh the health code violations!!

And sexual harassment

If you use proper cleaning techniques, you don't need to wear gloves. Even if you wear gloves at a job where you handle food, you should still be using proper washing techniques. Most places that serve food do not require you to wear gloves while handling food.

im not sure where you live but thats a universal law pretty much anywhere in the us

Really? I've worked in the food service for 5 years and every restaurant I've ever worked at has required people handling food (ESPECIALLY raw chicken) to wear gloves.

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I have worked in the food industry for about 10 years now and gloves aren't mandatory in Texas anyway we just have to clean our hands. Different states different rules.

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Really if you are cooking to temp anyway it shouldn't matter if you clean the big stuff of by hand washing. After its cooked that's when it would be preferred that you use gloves or serving wear to plate it.

Anything that can get on hands can get on gloves.

That is not a health code violation. Safe serve standard prefer the use of gloves, but as long the bare hands are washed, and the food will be cooked after being handled with bare hands, it is still considered safe.

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Besides, just wearing gloves doesn't make things clean. If you wear gloves then touch something then touch the food, it's the same as not wearing gloves at all, except you'd have to change gloves. As long as they're maintaining sanitation of their hands, it's typically cleaner than when people use gloves. I've seen people things all over while wearing gloves and not change them. I'd rather someone washing their hands repetitively and ensuring they're clean rather than letting them do who knows what while wearing gloves.

That's quite funny tho xD

Must be mcdonalds

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Umm, salmonella?

Op isn't eating raw chicken. Salmonella doesn't get in to the body through touch. As long as hands are thoroughly washed before anything else is touched I don't see an issue.

That's unsanitary. You can get sick, isn't that a health violation?

9 months ago I was a cook at KFC for 2 and a half years and wearing gloves isn't mandatory. The. Proper procedure is to bread up with your hands as log as you scrub and clean them real good.

All you need to do is wash your hands.

Does a chicken have lips?

Nope its a cock after all.

No, that's a rooster not a chicken.

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To be clear, does your female boss imagine touching herself or OP?

Good point. It could be the difference between an inappropriate joke for the workplace and sexual harassment.

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Seems pretty clear to me that the boss imagines touching herself ; the wording would be really strange otherwise !

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#38, or the beginning of a beautiful freindship