By anonymous / Sunday 16 August 2015 03:16 / United States - Rock Hill
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  Vintage_Cola  |  29

Ugh. You don't seem to realize that when you're scared, you trigger the fight or flight response, which shoots adrenaline into your arteries, causing increased blood flow, heart rate, and muscle contractions.
So, unless you have some medical condition I don't know about, you can't take a piss when you run away from a totally harmless spider. I call shenanigans!

By  conflictedebola  |  20

What kind of dog is he?
I had a German Shepard (a breed known for bladder/urinary tract issues) who would pee all over himself when he got excited. I once came home after visiting my friend for a couple days and when I got out of the car he ran at me, peeing the whole time, before giving me a giant (wet) German Shepard hug. (I miss you Max, best dog)

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