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Today, we had a sprint race in gym class which I wasn't looking forward to because I'm a little chubby. The race started and I shot off as fast as I could, somehow in the lead. Everyone was cheering. When I was nearing the finish line I turned around, only to see the race hadn't started yet. FML
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Doesn't matter. Still won.

sierra142 19

Ha ha ha ha. I can just picture it.


Doesn't matter. Still won.

leadman1989 15

It's only cheating if you get caught... wait.

The entire time OP was running "We are the Champions" was playing in his head.

In slow motion?

Chariots of Fire theme.

"Now come back to [the finish line] so we can show you how much you won. Come back."

What was your cue that the race had even started?

armyboy5989 2

Your not trying if your not cheating

evilteddybear 0

Uuummm.... I was just warming up;)

But they were looking at the clock, doesn't matter still won. But I cried the whole time, doesn't matter still won.

sierra142 19

Ha ha ha ha. I can just picture it.

That's not nice :(

cyns0_oaSailor 0

16, your bf has a bad taste in video games

iChel413 6

You have to admit that it is funny!

I'm going to hell now for laughing at this

Let me guess. The people who said this comment are also "chubby".

i pictured it too!! i laughed a little hehe

Funny yet mentally scaring at the same time

Haha yeah him running and being like hell yeah and then turning around being like...oh shit

phoenixslayer69 4

Good exercise. Don't sweat it.

That0therguy 4

Don't sweat it?

Boom tish.

Warm-ups are important too.

It's alright . Everyone makes this kinda mistake once in a while. Just ytd I facepalm into a glass door at a crowded mall. Don't sweat it! Everyone have their embarrassing moment now and then :)

I did that once too. The impact made me ricochet off the door and onto the floor.

Wouldn't that be called a facedoor rather than facepalm?

Babyseal420 7

You were just so fast you won before the others even started.

Cheer up OP, I bet it was a handicap race. Wait, that doesn't make it any better, does it.

RawrNom 0

just pretend you were practicing, then when you go home, just say - Hey, mom... I crossed the finish line first! and when she asks - so you won?!, just be like - well I crossed the line first.. what do you think? lol... Op, I've done something similar don't worry ><

Please don't EVER do a situtuation comment ever again. They are NOT funny and fucking annoying.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

Rage quit racing again now that you've won. Now that your a winner i suggest you go off and grab a hot girl of your choosing and have her feed you grapes.....or weightloss pills. Which ever you prefer.

Torva_fml 16


Your name is quite disturbing.

It's very messed up. Who kicks puppies?? It's more of a punting motion… LACES UP!

You're a dick.

Hahah I'm joking people I love animals I have the best cat in the world

57: Location: Hogwarts, USA? You're an idiot.

leadman1989 15

You went SO fast you slowed down time. It's the ONLY logical explanation.

Or, he started before everyone else..... Ah, who the fuck am I kidding? That makes no sense at all.

Darn and just when your chubby cheeks thought you were gonna get all the ladies.