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  Zr009  |  0

dont feel bad bo i won spanish club king for making the most money took my picture with the spanish queen for the yearbook..the teacher had the runner up who she wanted to win take a picture with her as well..they put theres in the yearbook with him wearing the kings outfit FML

  kmccain  |  27

Just because the editors didn't catch that, doesn't mean their lazy or incompetent. Things like these fall through the cracks all the time. After all it is a student publication. Don't feel bad OP its happened to the best of us.

  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

The Vatican had to withdraw more than 6,000 papal medals that went on sale Tuesday, 10 October 2013 which spelled “Jesus” as “Lesus.”

Newspapers report that four medallions, commemorating the beginning of Pope Francis’ papacy, were sold before the typo was noticed and the coin went off the market.

  fmlstarterkit  |  13

definitely not an accident.
definitely a burn.

By  latuka  |  0

it isn't fake. i mean it could be my at my school the editors suck and there are always loads of misspelled names and such. last year they mispelled the principals name.

By  jaymers  |  3

there was a guy at my school whose senior picture was a baby picture of himself wearing a hat that said "playa." our yearbook editor replaced it with the word "beach." she's spanish. crap happens.