By fuck_thisshit - 09/11/2009 10:27 - Australia

Today, we got our results for our final grade English paper on which I worked my butt off on, and also which I let my best-friend copy off from. I received a E- and two detentions for plagiarism. My friend got a A minus. All she said was "oh well, at least you tried your best". FML
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How is she supposed to know who copied who? YDI for letting your friend cheat off you.

There are E-? Partially YDI, and FYL.


How is she supposed to know who copied who? YDI for letting your friend cheat off you.

Everyone who wants to copy off of me can go fuck themselves for this exact reason. I have a story that mirrors this one from the 6th grade. Live and learn OP.

Yeah, exactly. Though, was I the teacher, I would've failed both of the kids. Letting a friend copy a paper is just dumb. The teacher's going to notice when she reads two of the same essays...

that would be more fair, but this way, the teacher discourages enabling (which is worse than copying IMO) WAY more than she would have if she graded fairly.

this wouldnt have happened if you had a penis instead of a baby oven

Yeah, really. Just don't let people copy off you. Tell the teacher. Get your "friend" to admit it. If the teacher won't listen or your "friend" won't admit, then you're screwed and now you know that you shouldn't let people copy off you.

Also, how did you think you'd get away with this? Morality aside, it's not like a multiple choice test where you might have actually gotten the same answers. Did you really think the teacher wouldn't notice reading the same thing twice?

either this is a fake or you are the stupidest fucking person on the planet. why would you let your friend copy your essay if you have the same teacher? thats asking to get caught. you're ignorant.

if you let someone copy off of you, you deserve a zero just as much as the kid who copied. why do you think they say, "don't GIVE or receive information"

Ok, so there are a thousand reasons why you are a moron, besides the fact that you let your "best friend" copy off you. FYI, "best friends" only exist in high school and are usually the worst person you will come in contact with in your life. First of all, "our results for our final grade English paper on which" is shoddy grammar, the first sign that you've made mistakes in life. Then there's the lovely phrase "copy off from". Off from? Where did you learn English? And finally, but not lastly, there's my favorite: you got a E- and your friend got a A-. WTF!? Do you actually talk like this? Say it out loud: a E and a A. Hi, have you been introduced to the word "an", because I think it would be useful here. Damn it. This is why the rest of the world hates the U.S. Learn something.

Mumblstiltskin, you're a fucking twit. This was in Australia, NOT the U.S. Why don't you go and learn something? Dumbass.

WTF people automatically assume it's the U.S. when shit like this happens, I never did anything to you people stop insulting my country.

Who said there was an essay? Who said it wasn't Multiple choice? I've had english finals without essays, even in Honors English. You don't always have to write for English, let alone write in general for English. You sir are the one who is ignorant here.

E-? And I thought an F was bad xD

yeah what is an e- I have never heard of getting an E on an assignment

Never let someone copy an assignment off you, that's just stupid. Only copy off when it's homework.

yeah, when you work your butt off on something you don't just let someone copy it. well, unless it's not a big thing, like a knitting patern or a drawing or whatever.

Yeah, in any GCSE exams, it says anyone who copies of aids someone copy will be disqualified

196, it did say English paper so it would be more likely it was an essay than a multiple choice. Though, jusy saying English paper doesnt make it an essay.

It doesn't help your friend to let them cheat off of you! YDI

Actually, it did.

There are E-? Partially YDI, and FYL.

Hey, atleast it's better than an F right? ha Does suck for you, but YDI for letting your friend copy

As long as you understood the FML, there's no need to complain.

Why do you care buddy ? Atleast you understood it.

At my university, they would give a -100 on assignments for cheating. Maybe that's what the E- was (or maybe a 0).

You're luck.. at my university, you have to go through an academic hearing, and if they prove you plagarised, you get suspended for at least one semester and get 0 in all your classes.

Agreed. That's a pretty fail university if plagiarism isn't considered academic misconduct and grounds for dismissal. And OP, YFDI.

My school does Es instead of Fs.

My school uses Es instead of Fs too. It makes more sense.

I didn't know the grade E- existed. Is that worse or better than an F?


Different countries, different grading scales.

A = 100 - 90 B = 89 - 80 C = 79 - 70 D = 69 - 60 E = 59 - 50 F < 50 That's how they roll in QLD, where the OP is.

This bothered me so much that even though it's four years old I had to comment. A-C are passing grades, D is NOT under any circumstance. the system is more like A - 100-85 B - 85-70 C - 70-50 D - 50-25 E - 0-25

I'm more surprised your friend actually got an "A." perhaps she actually wrote the paper herself after she realized she was copying of a bog-stupid retard?

But then the OP wouldn't have gotten detentions for plagiarism.

does that still count as plagerism? I mean it's not documented and can't be proven who wrote it first. and both the students should of been in trouble not just one

The word 'retard' is not only politically incorrect, it also hurts a lot of people's feelings. Good thought but thumb down for using that dehumanizing word.

If the way you wrote this FML is any indication, your grasp of the English language is tenuous at best. I'm sure the paper did not deserve that A- anyway. And YDI in the first place for letting your friend copy and not thinking you'd get caught. From which on which on that which on that... on.

YDI for letting your friend copy something you worked your butt of for.

so you assumed that when the teacher reads two identical essays, he or she will assume it´s pure coincidence and give you both an A? Complete YDI

An E- is worse than an F. America is the only country stupid enough to skip the letter E and go straight to F. Normal countries don't do that. And FML, but YDI a little too. At least you learned your lesson (hopefully).

In America, the letter grades are in descending order. By your logic, an E- should be better than an F, since you say we 'skip' it.

My high school used E's for students who technically failed but had a good excuse, like if they got sick and missed half the semester.

We don't skip. In my public schools, the grading scale (from best to worst) was A, B, C, D, E. There were no pluses or minuses. In college, we have A, B, C, D, F. No Es, but we have pluses and minuses. I've never heard of an E-. Ever. And as already pointed out, the reason for skipping E is that F stands for FAIL.

I think it's because the letter E on a grade stands for "Excused" or something. America isn't stupid for skipping the letter, it would be more stupid to use it for 2 different things. Also, way to insult an entire country of people you've never met based on one thing they do that happens to differ from the way your country does things. =D

America's concentration on letter grades is what is stupid (and the use of F instead of E). Worry about the mark you got not the letter grade.

Actually, we in America are smart enough to know that 'E' is between 'D' and 'F.' However, there is a certain logic to skipping over 'E' and using 'F' to indicate a failing grade. When you realize you are going to have to tell your parents about this grade, the word that comes to mind doesn't begin with an 'E.' (There are too many letters to skip to get to the other good candidate, 'S'.)

at the high school i attended (in Maryland) we used 'E's rather than 'F's... so it isn't as if using the letter 'F' as a failing grade is uniform over the nation. And yes, it was a public school.

In Ontario we use R, for remedial, instead of F from JK - 6 and then percents afterwards in combination with grade levels. To claim that a country is idiotic for using a different grading system than your own is not only insulting to us, but you just demonstrated how much of an ignorant fool you happen to be. Please, if you are going to argue over something so pointless, read out loud your comment before you post or you just look like a total jackass. As a side note the percents work like this for us: A: 80-100 Level 4: Above government standards B: 70-79 Level 3: At government standards C: 60-69 Level 2: Below but approaching government standards D: 50-59 Level 1: Well below government standards. Anything below 50 and you failed. As a final thought, you people do realize that in most countries, education is under state/province/what ever jurisdiction which includes the grading system they use. That would account why some places you just need a 85 instead of a 95 to be considered doing very well in a course. You all don't learn the same thing at the same time at the same degree of difficulty. And that ends my two cents.

FACT: My school uses E's instead of F's FACT: I live and go to school in America FACT: Yea. Take that...? ...also, I live in Maryland, and as someone pointed out earlier, Maryland uses E's.

In Australia, an E is the lowest grade (or rather, an E-). America is the only place that goes ABCDF... we know the alphabet you see so we use ABCDE.

well, you see, as previously stated (about 6 other times) "F" is interchangeable with the world "fail" or "failing". I, personally, have never heard of the word "ealing". So, although we skip a letter in some states, it still has a good reasoning behind it. how's it feel to be schooled by a 9th grader?

At my college, they give us our percentage grade and then we have to figure out our own letter grade. Also, some of the grading scales are different depending on the difficulty of the class. Most are 90-100 is an A, and so on, but for really difficult classes like organic chemistry and such the scale is easier, such as an 83 is still an A. Also, the fact that you seem to think that F comes before E and that someone who let their friend copy an ESSAY forces me to come to the conclusion that you are an idiot.

Ever heard of Ealing Broadway in London? :P

In America, F stands for FAILURE.

An E is worse then a F even though E comes before F in the alphabet? And America is the stupid country. Right.

Hey, guess what? Fuck you. That's what. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ I know the fucking alphabet. I'm from America.