By "burnuptowndow" - 30/09/2017 01:30

Today, we got a new boss. This would have been great if he knew how to do his job. I've spent the last week training a guy who hits on co-workers and gets paid twice as much as me. FML
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Why don’t you let him teach you how to hit on co-workers? Most of us do it poorly and end up in trouble with HR.

Do you work for Donald Trump?


onceuponatime456 16

Document everything and go to HR.

Do you work for Donald Trump?

Still crying over him becoming president, I see. Tell me, can you take 10 thousand dollars and make it into 1 million dollars? No? Then sit down and shut up.

Why don’t you let him teach you how to hit on co-workers? Most of us do it poorly and end up in trouble with HR.

Agreed, I got in trouble for asking one of the office gals if she'd recently eaten at Red Lobster.

See? We amateurs get in trouble for the most innocuous comments. The experts get away with much worse, and they also get some occasional action from their "unacceptable" behavior. We need their mojo!

I think situations like these require you to be pragmatic. Don’t do anything over the top, remain calm, and consider your options. If your office has fire alarms, try to disable them and then set the building ablaze. Small actions like that can have a big impact.

TheHillfam84 7

So keep working hard and have his job in your sights for the future. Now days hard workers are becoming more extinct

Hard workers aren't appreciated like they should be. No one wants to pay people for the work. So, I'm really not surprised people don't want to work hard for crap wages.

Lobby_Bee 17

Sounds like he is doing some of his job. Inspiring confidence in some of the co workers.

Sounds like the mindset of America. Let the workers do all the work while the boss makes all the money.

jimmycricket 8

I also got a new boss. atleast yours doesn't get in your face over something that you tried to tell him that isn't the way we do things.

Lucky O'Guin 18

If you trained him, isn't it your fault that he doesn't know how to do his job? Why would you train your new boss instead of applying for the position yourself?

I'm not OP, but I've been there. I had at the time over a decade of experience doing my job. Then my company went through "corporate restructuring" and I got stuck working for a moron with no experience. By "no experience" I mean that he, a guy who I had to teach how to use email, was trying to micromanage me, a senior software developer. He ended up running the company into the ground.