By Anonymous - 17/07/2014 15:57 - United States - Lancaster

Today, we decided to go to an aquarium for a little family get-away. At the end was a shark viewing deck, and I leaned over the rails to get a better look. How did I find out that my glasses needed to be adjusted? They fell off and sunk right to the bottom of the shark-infested waters. FML
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Sensory deprivation

By Trisha - 07/10/2023 10:00 - United States

Today, I went to a theme park with my friends. I was excited to ride the rollercoasters, but just as we were about to get on the biggest one, I realized I'd had left my glasses in the car. I can't see shit without them, but I decided to go on the ride anyway. I spent the entire time screaming in terror while my friends laughed, while I couldn't see a thing. FML
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Did you try to get it back? If not at least the sharks will see a little more clearly now.


Did you try to get it back? If not at least the sharks will see a little more clearly now.

I can see clearly now that the rain has gone. but I hope you got them back op.

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That song poped in my head then I saw your comment

@36 - Pretty sure the hindsight is clear, even without her glasses.

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At least OP had a killer view before his glasses fell

at least your not in Australia. then any water you dropped your glasses in would be shark infested waters...

Sharks must of thought it was their lucky day. FYL op

I'm sorry. Have* That just irks me a lot. Anywho, the sharks must feel very lucky!

Well since you did this to #2... It's anyhow, not anywho. Anywho is a misused phrase. :p Now someone needs to correct me I guess.

Anywho is a nonsense word, but lots of people use it so while it's technically incorrect it's also completely fine to use.

True, but lots of people say "should of" as well.

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Should of is how it's pronounced but it is spelled should've. Anywho, though is just a common phrase that apparently is incorrect while should of is just bad grammar

"Anywho" is not bad grammar. It's simply using a word that doesn't exist.

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Anywho, this thread should of ended a long time ago.

Look on the bright side! You weren't there alone... And driving... Blind... I'm so sorry...

OP might have a little trouble seeing the bright side.. as someone with 24/7 prescription glasses, I can sympathize.. fyl OP

Mine are both -4.0. I think he's having trouble seeing anything.

I have 20/25 and I really only wear mine for classes then take them off, so they could be not needed for OP at the time.

I'm not so sure the sharks would appreciate eating glass.

When you're a shark, everything is food! (even if it's not digestible)

I can't really comment sight unseen but I think I see your problem. Are you sure you weren't framed?

Cheers. Good to know someone appreciates my terrible jokes.

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Iris my puns were as clever as yours, but they're all just really cornea

Unless it's Bruce from finding nemo good luck getting then back FYL

Regular fish, yes. Sharks, not so much.

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*Spoiler to Finding Memo(even though everyone has seen it) #7, Bruce ends up attempting to kill them anyway.....

Finding Memo sounds like another awful office comedy show

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Am I the only one that finds it weird that there is just an open exhibit for viewing sharks with the possibility of falling in? At least where I'm from, the aquariums have walls of glass separating us and the marine life.

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they have a viewing point at seaworld so visitors can see the sharks from up above in the Shark Encounter.

Now that you mention it, that is really weird.

i dont know, but i guess that we here in denmark have a different view on zoos than other places :/

I thought this was weird too. The way it's posted makes it sound like a shark could jump up and bite someone's head off if they wanted.

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#41, depending on how high they are from the tank. Maybe it's high up, because OP did say they were leaning over to get a closer look. Or maybe the shark just swam under the walkway.

I've been to a couple of parks and aquariums with sharks, I got in the water with them, the sharks they keep in these places are not aggressive towards humans as we're too big for them to eat, usually reef sharks, grey nurses, and occasionally hammer heads, they'll attack if threatened, though, so while you can be in the water with them, it is advised not to get too close

You do realize if you touch a shark it feels like your hand is on fire... And a large number of people think they got bit by a shark when all that happened was that the shark rubbed its skin on them by accident when swimming by

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Oh my god! I hope the sharks will be okay.

They probably wouldn't mind. Sharks eat damn near everything.

Myth. Aside from Tigers, most sharks will test bite and spit out what isn't food.

Bad things always happen to a good set of glasses. Too bad they weren't cheap sunglasses. The sharks would have probably grabbed them with their teeth and then hand them back to you personally.

"I do believe that you dropped these, my good madam. Now, would you mind lowering your fingers, that I may help myself to a little nibble?"