By annoymous - 07/02/2017 06:00 - Australia - Glenroy

Today, it was the first time I was meeting my guy's parents. Turns out he forgot it was his mum's birthday and I ended up having to meet his whole family. FML
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he can't even remember his own mum's birthday?

So, when's the wedding?


So, when's the wedding?

he can't even remember his own mum's birthday?

This smells more like a set up, he just wanted to introduce you to the whole family

Well if things went well enough, you needn't worry about as many introductions in the future.

Well, better now than never

At least it's over with :)

That's a whole lot of judgment weighing in on you. Hope he doesn't dump you when the verdict comes down.


The only reason I'd be really upset is because I'm an introvert and need to build myself up to meet new people, expecting to meet 2-3 and meeting 10 (or whatever) would definitely throw me for a loop, fyl

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