By PickYourselfUp - / Monday 6 October 2014 03:17 / United States - Chesapeake
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  junkman6  |  22

Yes gravity is constant and if you're fat it puts a much heavier load on you. Trust me this shit is scientifical. Oh and I'm usually considered 2 people rolled into 1. 260lbs at 6ft and I can still run a 4.8 40 and play 7s rugby without too much trouble. Just live by the phrase "ice up son."

By  PipingMouse  |  14

You got this, OP! Dust yourself off and go for it. Also, you should probably pace yourself as ten minutes into the run your circulation will make your thighs feel like they are burning/itching.

By  LoverWordsFood  |  27

op, at least you made the effort to get up and get outside. A lot of people can't make it that far sometimes. The first step in a journey to change oneself is usually the hardest. Congrats on making that step. Just remember to take it slow if you haven't worked out in a long time. You could injury yourself...oh wait...nevermind