By squirt - United States
Today, was my wedding day. Right before I walked down the aisle in my gorgeous white dress the woman who did my makeup saw a blemish. She went to squirt concealer on her finger and squirted the orange concealer all over my dress. FML
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That's probably the most FML-y thing about this FML.
Almost all wedding dresses are expensive.

FYL, OP, FYL indeed. /:
but you didn't need a comma after 'today'. that's really bugging me. 0_o

  Howdyplz  |  2

FAIL. THe website doesn't add the Today or FML.
When you are submitting one, it says "please begin your entry with Today and end it with FML".
It's up to you to remember it, and if you don't remember, then your FML never gets past the moderators.

  englishmuffin  |  0

It is both true that a) the site doesn't add them, but you must start your entry with "Today" and end it with "FML" to get past moderation and b) the entry didn't need a comma after "Today."

  americayay  |  0

LOL. Yes, in hindsight that was a bit mean of a comment, but I don't know ANYONE who's paid to have their makeup done for their wedding. I do live in a bit less materialistic area of the country, though, and NO that was not a jab at anyone, it's just not how it's done here.

  caffrinn  |  0

lol the woman my uncle married, the maid of honor, and i (flower girl) all had our makeup done professionally on her wedding day. i was nine :P but that's just me. i come from a town of 6500 people lol :P but it was a really big wedding and we both come from rich families.

and, 100 - it could've been liquid concealer?

  awiloveyouuu  |  0

She probably didn't get married today, she just said that because you have to start your FML with today for it to go through moderation...

that really sucks though I'm sorry :