By Anonymous - 29/09/2009 02:53 - Canada

Today, was my wedding day and I had been preparing my speech for my husband for about 3 months. At the wedding, I poured my heart out to him. Did he do the same? My husband forgot about it and right before the wedding, took his from his first marriage and changed the name. FML
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how did you recognize the speech, was you at his last wedding? YLS


What an efficient stud!

forget about it

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I say, you deserve it. You obviously rushed into a marriage where the guy cares so little about you. If you had taken the time to know him better , you would know what kind of a person he is and how much he cares about you. You clearly dont know that YDi for getting yourself married to a guy like him

relax people it's not that big of a deal. i can see people forgetting these things it is more f his life because that'd be pretty embarrasing. and 58 KalMaxiumus moderators may not accept you if your fml doesnt start with today. it may also, depending on where you live, the day may be or have been different.

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Lmao, If I were her I would have taken back my speech an been like "Ditto, with your name in it."

... Indeed.

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now you got a reason to divorce his ass he cares too little to even remember that day

bre_zip_it_up13 11

didnt really matter if he forgot his speech but he use the one from a previous marriage but then again this not my life so ....

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(;.)_(;.) (. .) (')(') Yay for big eared mouses :)

::hacks the website and adds code for a "Who Cares" button and a counter so that the first 100 clicks count as five::

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Oh wow. That's horrible. You'd think he would try hard for this marriage. Apparently not! FYL

how did you recognize the speech, was you at his last wedding? YLS

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Don't marry an asshole. YDI

I predict that Future Man will be just as bad at grammar.

So? You're obviously marrying him for having other amazing traits. He's bound to not be perfect.

why a speeche anyway?

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Cuz a regular speech is too short.

divorce him the moment you get back from your honeymoon.