By newguy - United States

Hazing rituals

Today, it's my third day at work and the hazing finally began. After a few rounds of "punch the new guy", I thought I would finally be safe because the manager walked into the kitchen. He saw what was going on, picked up a handful of ketchup packets, and began throwing them at me. FML
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  Poke_my_mon  |  0

Don't worry, I won't do it!

This kind of enviornment is the BEST. Get through the hazing, and then its your turn to haze new people. If the manager is throwing ketchup packets, they're probably a chill manager, which is rare. Put your big boy panties on and man up, you ponty.

  CL41RE  |  0

Ok sorry about the rude comment but I hate it when people freak out just because someone calls first. It's more annoying than the first person.