By Anonymous - 06/05/2009 06:04 - United States

Today, was my first meeting with business partners as I am new to the team. Instead of saying that I was looking forward to "stretching my legs" or "spreading my wings", I told them I was anxious to start "spreading my legs". FML
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The word of the day is "legs". Let's go spread it!

HAHAHAHA that's beautiful


in soviet Russia, leg spreads you

WIN!!! :D ..I think..

HAHAHAHA that's beautiful

how old are they?

The word of the day is "legs". Let's go spread it!

are u a lady... if u are... ur business partners will think u are open-minded ^^... if not... u will be fired the next day

Nice. I wouldn't mind being in the team thats "under you". ;-)

Lol your partners will only think your a slut. . .no biggie

FML #243465 You'd better hope one of them was this guy.

lol that is so unfortunate, but also absolutly hilarious.