By Anonymous - 02/07/2009 18:10 - United States

Today, was my first day working for a real estate company. just as I sat in my car my pants ripped hugely from my crotch all the way to the top of my pants and three inches wide. I was wearing a thong and we were on our way to show him an open house. FML
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Well, that's one way to open house.


caligal14 0

FYL that sucks so much... Did you have a sweatshirt or something in the car to cover it up....?

Wanna be my realtor?

infowarrior 0

YDI, for having pants that don't fit.

noName123456 0

i bet you were gonna show him an open house bow chicka honk honk

ElliexMarie 0

lmao. you shouldaa worn a long shirt ! xD

lmao that is hilarious # 37. i wouldve never thought of that ha!

swooshq 0

#37, that's exactly what i was thinking!

MissyWissyKach 0

liar dont lie those r stupid FMLs liar liar plants for hire

MasterModeraor 0

Looks like you just sold the house for double the value. Congrats Btw you can sell my house for me too:)

This is stupid (not the fml): See, for once when it's important to know the person's gender, it just says "anonymous". WTF? What if it was a dude?!

...the OP was wearing a thong. so i really hope it was not a dude o.O

@37: He definitely got a peek at the front lawn.

lalaimbored 0

hahhaaha @ 95. btw how were you on your way to show an open house if your pants ripped "just as i sat in (your) car?"

Girreth 7

I find it disturbing that so many people want to see a fat chick's undergarments.

An open house isn't the only open thing you showed him

sk8rchick97 0

oh u gave them an open house alright;)

wearing a thong?

NGM_47 0

you should have stopped at a near by store to buy some cheap pants and changed....I wonder what happened next though.

flighted 1

Good idea. But oh, you showed him an open house all right, OP.

deathbunny256 0

right because it's perfectly normal for a real estate agent to hold a sweater on her crotch. I bow to you for not saying FIRST!!! Oh and OP sorry about that that really sucks I hope it worked out.

caligal14 0

I meant tie it around her waist or something...

mylittlecrow 0

well isn't it better than showing off their thongs? O_O

Thaaaaat's embarrassing...

forget the open house, maybe just open legs? improvise

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chimmy 0

why were your pants THAT tight? if it had been a small rip i wouldnt blame u, but 3 inches shows that you definitely need a new size

glitter_kiss 0

why would were you using a thong in the first place?ydi

What's wrong with her wearing a thong? Why shouldn't she be allowed to wear a thong?

The person was wondering if it was a guy wearing a thong

You wear a thong or go commando so the panty line won't show through your tight pants. It looks really stupid from behind if you wear regular panties.

Well, that's one way to open house.

SusanaSaysRawrxD 0

Well. If your potential buys are male, you could be selling that house for much more than it's worth. assuming they're not gay x_x xD

Good call. Hahaha.

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you ARE number twelve.

YDI for wearing a thong and pants that obviously didn't fit

babyqueball718 0

what is so wrong with wearing a thong? and how do you know the pants didnt fit? ive had pants rip that did fit. sometimes these things just happen. theres really no way this is a YDI