By YahItsMe94 - United States
Today, was my first day back at work since my wife got breast cancer. I come in and see some people with pink slips and frowns. When I get to my desk I find a pink slip, I go up to my boss and start to curse him out for firing me. Only to find out my pink slip was a fundraiser for my wife. FML
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I'm thinking the boss should have been a little smarter than using pink paper for it. He should have just had a pink ribbon watermark or something. But the confusion should have been expected, IMO...and the OP should have read it before yelling at the boss. both at fault, but I'll say FYL because of your situation and the stress you must've been under. Best wishes for your wife.

  Helldemon  |  32

If he fired the dude for taking leave because his wife has cancer you really think the boss would be professional enough to give a good recommendation?