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Today, was my first day as a bouncer. I was a bit late and didn't meet all the staff. Later that night, some fairly drunk guy was trying to force his way in, I told him we were at capacity and that he would have to wait. He kept trying and I ended up pushing him to the floor. He was the owner. FML
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YDI for not getting to work on time on your first day. That sends a very bad impression, and like you just proved can lead to bad consequences.


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"Later that night, some fairly drunk guy was trying to force his way in." What is this, TFLN?

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I hear that all the time, where is it from? and to the OP, shouldn't the owner have his own special door?

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your a ******* idiot, hes the bouncer

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Love it how you're calling him an idiot and failing basic english at the same time.

He's the idiot. Spelling doesn't define if you're smart or not. A bouncer has every right to use violence to keep troublemakers under control as long as it's not uncalled for, in this case, he simply held the guy on the floor which is ok... If he was the owner why the **** didnt he say/prove so?

Not being able to spell difficult words off the top of your head might not make you an idiot, but you're/your is elementary school material that should be second nature to anyone with a brain. That said, I think they're both idiots.

intelligence is the ability to learn and store information not how much you know in its self..

...and if you haven't learned/stored "your" vs. "you're" by whatever age he is, you must not be that intelligent. That, or you're just really careless and don't realize how much it discredits your argument.

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Uhm.. I disagree on both accounts. Spelling is the mark of a learned individual, and a bouncer who uses violence is still committing battery.

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"The downside of being better than everyone else is that people tend to assume you're pretentious." Thank you Larry Kersten

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He is the bouncer, he is obligated to use force when drunk people are getting rowdy, he isn't going to hand them flowers and dance in circles around them. How productive would that be? Yeah. A bouncer isn't a push over. He didn't use violence until the "drunk" started to shove his way in. It was Op's fault for not meeting the staff but no one informed him this was the owner, nor did the owner provide paperwork or documentation to prove anything. He merely showed up drunk. He should be glad his worker isn't just letting in anyone who claims to be an important asshole. While unfortunate, the Op was doing his job. Which includes dominance, not violence.

To add to the person above me, the owner should also not show up drunk. There's no problem with him getting drunk at his home or another bar, but getting drunk/showing up drunk at ones own place of employment is not usually the best idea, since it doesn't give very good impressions.

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And I am sure there have been drunk guys claiming to have ****** the moon let alone be the owners of an establishment. Op: Sir you need to leave. Drunk: No man I swear, I will **** you up! I own this place, see I threw up on it. Do I have to ******* pee on it to make my point. Op: Sir I do not want to have to resort to violence Drunk: **** you--no no sex for you. But I will **** your wife. BAM Other Bouncer: That was Mr. Dick the owner. Op: Maybe he won't remember?

does it really matter that he spelt you are as your even though it is primary school stuff his on the computer I don't always spell everything correctly or in the right context when using the computer

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Your not retarded if you misspell some basic words, your on a website not writing an essay thats going to be graded. So whether or not you misspell a few basic words does not make you an idiot.

Too many f@ggets being grammar nazis on a random phone app...Proper spelling proves shit, only how much the person is motivated to spell out properly.

It bothers me that it took this long for people to stop bitchin about the comments grammar and start talking about the actual comment on whether or not that OP deserved it, so people grow the **** up and just discuse the comment.

"Shouldn't* fault you!" If he keeps his job, I guess it'll be because the owner thinks he's such a good bouncer.

Should have just told him to show you his ****. That's what REAL bouncers do...

a bit of an easy pun ^^ I like that somehow you like to comment totally not on the fml though ^^

Haha, I try not to comment "YDI" or "FYL". There's no point in it. It's been said by someone else. I can just click the button and do the same thing. I would rather inject some humor into it, go on a rant, whatever. Just anything but be repetitive.

hey, I said I liked it ;) and you're right ^^ Though one could say that you go repetetively on rants ;) Just teasing. As I said, I like how you try and find what part of the fml can be perverted and use it, I have to admit I did think of the same pun ^^

Nah, that's not an accurate use of "repetitive". So just no. Aaaanywayy. Of course. I never said I sat down and thought long and hard on the most brilliant response that would just make everyone cum in their pants as they faint. I also make the "what other bodily fluids do you like getting sprayed on your face?" pun and stuff like that. I'm not trying to wow anyone, just make a pun.

Nope, just adjusting your perspective. You didn't seem to understand why I say what I say, so I informed you. Now you know! :)

I know why you said that, I just commented on it ^^ I'm getting used to your way of thinking. It's like becoming gradually crazier ;)

more like I'm getting into yours as a powerless spectator ^^

That's fun too. I'm so much more complex in real life than this site (as are the rest of the users, I would think). So my mind is pretty much sealed tight.

well that's good, you wouldn't a thousandth time as interesting as I hope you are if one could guess all that you are just by what you say here ^^

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Intoxicunt Mental Tupperware--for those who are more complex than your average ******.

Hahaha, "Mental Tupperware" made me laugh.

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Again, take your conversations somewhere else. Either stick to the topic FML, or just stop.

GET. OVER. IT. I'm not breaking any rule. If you don't like the way the site works, complain to the staff or get the **** off. You're not going to break your hand by scrolling past. Jackass.

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I happen to think the conversations are funny, and why do we have to live inside your box. We already sell tupperware good sir, we don't need Stuck In A Box, For People Who Aren't Creative. Accepted everywhere losers shop.

YDI for being late _____________________________

YDI for not getting to work on time on your first day. That sends a very bad impression, and like you just proved can lead to bad consequences.

NEVER be late on your first day of a job. Duhhhhhh.

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ydi for being late, but on the upside this might have been a good thing. The boss might have seen you doing your job very well and liked it even though he was bombed out of his mind.

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YDI for being late to your first day.