By none / Saturday 17 January 2009 23:35 / United States
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Or you could just kill yourself. I mean why waste a life? You could be learning something or helping others but it's all about entertaining you. YDI no matter how you got there.

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Whats with the ex comment? You're trying to insult him on FML but no one knows him or you.. What's the point?

I agree, your life sounds like it sucks, and I sympathize with you for that. But I also agree with everyone else who has posted, and will post, saying that you have to turn it around yourself. Tomorrow, while you're out getting coffee and cigarettes, ask for an application. And on your way home, look in shop windows to see if anyone has a hiring sign. And when you get home grab a newspaper and search for job openings there. And if you can't get a job, at least get yourself out of the house - go

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