By Anonymous - 04/05/2013 01:14 - Netherlands

Today, walking by myself, I was caught up in a group of people that got arrested, and we all got fined for creating a public disturbance. When I explained I wasn't with them, the group backed me up. The police thought I was the ringleader, and now I have to go to court. FML
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Good luck in court, it sucks when officers assume people are together.

heh atleast the group attempted to clear you. Or maybe it would hurt their rep if word got out you were trying to roll with them.


Good luck in court, it sucks when officers assume people are together.

HowAreYouToday 34

You could probably sue them.

AbstraktThoughts 13

8: I'm just gonna take a wild guess and say that you're American.

coolboy675 16

#12 - You must be foreign. Yeah, don't sound so nice now, does it?

AbstraktThoughts 13

14: I'm actually American as well :) I think that in itself allows for me to bash on my own country.

We're allowed to bash our own country? In that case... Obesity, excessive suing and imperial measuring systems hooray!

14 - Out of (roughly) 196 countries in the world almost everybody is 'foreign' to 195 of them.

HowAreYouToday 34

Actually I'm Russian. Good guess though. Russia is basically America, but with vodka, mafia, communism, and snow. Lots and lots of fucking snow.

But America has those things as well to an extent.

26, trust me, if we had communism here, you'd know.

14, so everybody who isn't american is a foreigner?

Blacksabbath211 9

22- I guess northeast Ohio is like Russia minus Vodka, communism and the mafia... Fuck snow >.>

AbstraktThoughts 13

19: Don't forget the gas prices that get higher than a flying unicorn.

RpiesSPIES 27

Unicorns don't fly, silly. You're thinking of a Pegasus.

HowAreYouToday 34

No, you're thinking of salmon.

AbstraktThoughts 13

54: You're the silly one! Everyone knows unicorns fly. Rainbows are actually made by the flight trail if a unicorn.

TwinArmageddons 4

You mean an Alicorn silly Pegasus don't have horns

44, There was a Canton Mafia in the 40s through the 60s, so you can add the mafia back in there

coolboy675 16

Wrong FML man. Edit: and now future people will think I'm crazy because he edited his post.

Nah, I saw it too. He posted about the stapler gun FML.

Wow that sucks for you OP, I hope it gets figured out.

Hopefully justice prevails!

AbstraktThoughts 13

At least it's not in America, where that word doesn't even exist.

Whoever can bribe the judge with the most money wins. Yay!

Mister_Triangle 21

High school must be hard for you guys.

Wait, I though America had a fairer judicial system that most other countries?

America has a judicial system?

Just wrong place at the wrong time.

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No shit

No shit no shit.

Shit no shit no.

coolboy675 16

And you didn't distance yourself away from the scene because...

heh atleast the group attempted to clear you. Or maybe it would hurt their rep if word got out you were trying to roll with them.

easyprey 8

Either way op gotta step it up, the group is counting on his leadership.

Yeah, I was thinking the same. For a group of people breaking the law, they're rather considerate.

Well OP, it's been 5 hours now and Ashton hasn't appeared. Now's the time to scream and rant that you're being punked.

Is Ashton still doing his thing? I thought he gave up those reins to Betty White a while ago...

Bakarra, Ashton IS Betty White!! *dramatic music* He's just playing a prank ...or it's vice versa; Betty White could be Ashton. I'll be back in a few, I'll investigate through google.

And he never came back...I think it's safe to say he found out too much

nnnope 26

how the heck does that even happen? you getting caught up with a random group of people getting arrested, I mean. like, did you not see the police car lights, or hear the siren[s] or have any time to get like 10 feet away?? I think more info is needed here.

The hammer of justice crushes you!